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Nintendo Wii U unboxing, setup & system config video

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  1. Happy first birthday, Nintendo Wii U! It seems like just yesterday I was
    opening your box…

  2. It’s $300 now? So for just $50 more I can get an Xbox one? Well Nintendo’s

  3. Just a note using mac address control is not security nor is not
    broadcasting your ssid. Not that anyone is probably going to bother
    stealing your wifi.

  4. The Koopa Brothers

    Oh come on! You could’ve moved your router near your Wii U in order to do
    the system update. Are we forced not to see the system transfer and tour? I
    mean, you did a tour with the PS4. I mean, come on! You should’ve done the
    system update off camera and do the transfer while recording. You also
    should’ve brought a screen recorder in the first place and do the HDMI as
    well. This is the most stupidest unboxing and setup video ever made. You
    should’ve done what you promise, you liar. Next time when a Nintendp
    console comes out, you unbox it, setup it up, AND do a tour. Dickhead, you
    only did it with the PS4. Are you happy? Are you fucking happy that we have
    to explore the console itself while you are enjoying your Wii U while we
    don’t know this and don’t know that? I hope you are, because your not the
    coolest person in the world, you moron.

  5. Seth SerCubez117

    Nice video, its nicely organised unlike other unboxings and showed the
    system configuration. 😀 

  6. After a year of sitting on my shelf gathering dust, I’m finally selling my
    Wii U. I should never have bought one. It doesn’t have any worthwhile games
    and it’s never going to have. I’ve owned Nintendo consoles all my life, I
    used to be a Nintendo fan boy… but it’s time to move on. I know this is a
    stereotype, but there are way too many kiddy games, and no hardcore titles.
    And, as per usual, it’s another Nintendo console with no third party
    support. The games just aren’t there, and they never will be. I was going
    to wait for Zelda, but what’s the point? It’s just one game. Seriously, I
    think it’s time for Nintendo to STOP making home consoles and just go third
    party. They should still make handhelds, but that’s it. The Wii U has been
    a total disaster for Nintendo. It’s sales are a joke, and is it any wonder?
    There’s an IGN video with a “Top 25 Wii U games” list, and it consists of
    games like…: Wii Sports Club, Disney infinity, Nintendoland, Zombi U
    (which got terrible reviews), Steam World Dig, LEGO City Undercover, NES
    Remix 1&2, Shovel Knight… (fucking SHOVEL KNIGHT)…. what a slew of
    rubbish and mediocre crap. THESE are some of the “best” Wii U games? And
    the only decent ones on this video are either more rehashed Mario titles,
    or games that are already available on PS3 and Xbox 360…. Who are IGN
    trying to convince, exactly? Seriously, if this is the best Nintendo has to
    offer, then it’s over for them. Do what I’m doing and sell your Wii U. It
    just doesn’t appeal to anyone who’s serious about gaming.

    I fully expect to get nothing but hate from Nintendo fan-boys.. but they’re
    just ignorant. They’ve let their brand-loyalty blind them to reality, and
    they only see what they want to see. They’ve convinced themselves that
    there’s nothing wrong here… for example: further down the comment
    section, there’s one guy who was actually impressed that this list of games
    didn’t make him cringe, and then said this was a “truly amazing” feat. And
    he was serious. This is the level of brainwashing that Nintendo fans have
    succumb to. I feel bad for them because I used to be one myself, and I
    understand what they’re going through. They’re being cheated… and deep
    down they know it, but they lie to themselves and have convinced themselves
    otherwise. But deep down, they know that the Wii U is just another let-down
    that has ignored the hardcore market yet again. Nintendo fans are used to
    being let down, yet they continually praise Nintendo. In fact, the more
    Nintendo let them down, the more they praise them, as denial kicks in. It’s
    like they’re all suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

    I’m doing what I should have done, and getting a PS3. I don’t regret
    getting a Wii, because it does have a lot of decent titles if you know what
    to look for. But I wish I’d bought a PS3 instead of a Wii U… just think
    of how many amazing games I’ve missed out on… it’s time to catch up. 

  7. Does Wii u have free online.?

  8. Anniel Cabungcal

    Do you have to use the HDMI cable because my tv is not made for HDMI ?

  9. I Don’t Care What Anyone Says NINTENDO IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I am really torn here can I get some advice I have recently went from
    wanting a PS4 to a Xbox One then a Wii U. What should I get?

  11. I absolutely love my wii u which ive had for over a year. I have a deluxe
    one, but it is the legend of zelda wind waker designed one.

  12. Look at this piece of shit. Hardware from from 2005 what a piece of shit.
    And don’t tell me super trash bros will save it. Mario kart is the same
    rehashed thing. What crap. Nintendo has failed ever since the wii. It’s
    over. And I don’t play cod so don’t accuse me of that. 

  13. This is to people looking for new consoles to play.If you prefer games like
    Call of duty,Destiny,Gta,Watch dogs,Infamous,Titanfall, Nba, Wwe ,and even
    Spiderman,get a Ps4 or Xbox one.
    If you prefer games like Mario,Disney,Wii sports (I think),and Lego
    games,get a Wii U

    That should answer any questions about what console you should get.As far
    as Ps4 vs Xbox one that’s your choice.

  14. dat sweater

  15. Gambits do you have to unplug your wii u and plug in the Xbox you have in
    the shelf or are they both plugged in at the same time

  16. PartyStarter11002

    Can u use a regular wii remote or does it have to be a wii remote plus to
    use on the wii u? Please anyone answer!!

  17. Ronald Zychowski

    Is there anyway to use gamecube controllers or original wii controllers
    like you could do with the other wii console? Or is it a must that you buy
    multiple big screen controllers like the one included?

  18. Yeah the first update is NEEDED to play Wii games

  19. Hey man, I have one of these coming in the mail and I’m VERY excited about
    it, so excited that I decided to watch this video. (I usually avoid any
    video involving unpacking a box.)

    I have to say: Thank you very much for making this video! You made me even
    more excited, and more confident about the purchase I made. You did a

  20. The wii u looks like garbage in shiny packaging..the only thing it had
    going for it in the first place was motion detection. wtf is the point of
    having a mini pad to play the game on when you have a 60 inch hd led TV in
    front of you..effing disappointed in nintendo. I have an original wii. PS3
    and an Xbox one ..I will not be upgrading my wii until they come out with
    something worth a shit…

  21. How much is it now? Plus tax?

  22. Annette Guilford

    Can you use wiiU without hooking it up to the internet?

  23. Nikola Milicevic

    So can you play wii u gamepad without wii u actual console fired
    up?….like handheld?

  24. Seems late butt i just get the super smash bro 4 bundle 😉 i’m so late

  25. Id get one but all id get for it is mario kart and Zelda games i really
    want it for the virtual console though lol

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