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Sony PSP Go Full Review

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  1. Fr guy y is it backwards

  2. Lauren Loudermilk

    Im have a psp go and I love it just I dont like the games

  3. Why is everything backwards

  4. @Fox2134 Yes you can download games using wifi.I never used the usb cable.I
    always just login in the ps store & start downloading games,movies or
    comics on my psp 3000 or psp go.

  5. All good music 😀

  6. It is not about Vita not supporting it, it is the fact that Adobe has not
    developed Flash for the device or Sony has not asked them to do so. Anyway,
    Flash will be outdated soon anyway within the coming years.

  7. Ur right but this thing is wacked up!

  8. TheRuthlesshobbit

    i use my psp go more than my vita

  9. That`s why I take it when no one is around, and spend enough time till
    everyone is asleep. 😀

  10. Why would you do that when you can get a VITA 0_o

  11. it has bluetooth??!!! best portable console ever!!!!

  12. o thanx 😛 🙂

  13. This was made in 2009…

  14. Thumb ups if ya think he should play FTB3 instead of FTB2

  15. PSP Go Is a Must Have. Really. Its Awesome. I Have One And It Has

  16. Jada stevens loves gettin buttfucked


  18. I didn´t want to watch the hole thing, so i just wanna ask: Does psp Go
    have a joystick? Please answer 🙂

  19. dude everything is backwerds! lol nice vid!!!

  20. I bring my laptop.. :3

  21. Santiago Cardona

    Tu pantalla está al revés

  22. The Legend of Zelda

    psp go

  23. Chita Chibesakunda

    is talking hard??

  24. The PSP flips during the video … o,o

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