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CGR Undertow – GUITAR HERO: ON TOUR review for Nintendo DS

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  1. is this game fun? ? If you play electric guitar only? With chords or?
    ‘ve only tried this on wii when one sings, his gittar does not work, I
    think, we anvönde the Iaf not look fun anyway

  2. I literally played all three of these games up and down and I think I now
    understand why I have massive wrist damage…. NO REGRETS

  3. Blanca Gutiérrez Rodríguez

    I’m still playing it. It’sso hard to complete the full game

  4. I disagree when you say Guitar Hero “killed a genre”. All it actually did
    was die away, leaving the genre right back where it started before Guitar
    Hero, which was for rhythm game fanboys and the occasional “DDR weight
    loss” user. It also got a few people into rhythm games that weren’t before,
    which is probably a good thing. Also, keep in mind that as far as the
    general public is concerned, Guitar Hero INVENTED the genre. So when it
    went away, it was obvious that the genre would go with it. Lastly, you
    can’t forget about Rock Band, the Guitar Hero “spinoff” which released it’s
    own fair share of shit games. All in all, Guitar Hero doesn’t deserve all
    the flak it’s getting for killing a genre.

  5. I remember actually liking this game, that said I spent like £8 for it.

  6. Strange how GH never did have a metal version but Rockband somehow does
    even if its a Metal Track Pack. I have mine as a physical copy….that does
    count right? 

  7. This seemed like a series that could have gone on forever like Rock Band.

  8. I’ve hit 60 notes per second 3 times in a row on Guitar Hero 3 PC; it’s on
    my channel (lefty). 100 notes per second has actually been done too, by
    TobeGH3 and MafhamGH.

  9. Dat blink doh derek… Cmon… You know you love you some 182

  10. 22 Acacia Avenue…I lol’d

  11. I have this game, and it’s sequel ‘decades’, I played the shit out of it
    and it’s really satisfying when you start to master the songs on expert :)

  12. They need to figure out a way to combine this with the Virtual Boy. Fuck up
    your hands and eyes at the same time! :P

  13. Nathalia Dammekens

    actuly i loved this game bought it for 3 euro’s :)

  14. I am wondering why this genre was popular to begin with, it is a giant
    quick time event with music 

  15. I actually think Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and a little game called “Power
    Gig: Rise of the Sixstring” all pitched in to sort of kill the genre for
    the general public. The first two because they both released a zillion
    games, and the latter one because it came out around the same time as Rock
    Band 3 and Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, and was probably the worst rhythm
    game of all time.

  16. Guitar Hero didn’t “kill a genre” in fact it was the one to start that
    genre. It kind of died away, not the fact that the games were bad or
    anything. I loved this game and stopped playing it for a while because I
    played so much that I think I broke the grip to play the guitar. (played it
    on expert)

  17. one of my favorite DS games

  18. I loved the ds games of guitar hero (except band hero) and rock band. I
    actually never had problems with the grip. It’s a shame activision killed
    guitar/band games with their bs though.

  19. I had this game a while back. I thought it was too easy and I could get
    perfects on some expert songs.

  20. Well, before you bastard keeps saying that instrument based rhythm games
    are obselete, go to an arcade or something. I’m sure there are still newer
    versions of Guitar freaks and Drum Mania there releasing more japanese
    tracks than ever.

  21. fucking foo fighters

  22. Cyberbrickmaster1986

    Sad to see these great guitar games bite the dust. Well at least we still
    have Rocksmith, even if it’s more of a teaching tool than a rock n roll

  23. I love Guitar hero, and i still play it almost every day …. but that’s on
    the Xbox360.
    I’ve bought the DS version, and it really is the worst game in the
    franchise to be honest. The songs have already been used in other GH games
    and your hands just don’t like playing with that awfull grip thing they
    designed for the DS.

  24. Maroon 5 can suck it.

  25. So you can upload the sound to your computer but not the video? WTF!

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