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Extreme Gaming PC Assemble |How to build| Part 3 (ASUS)

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  1. what is the bad problem is you could put in the wrong v in!

  2. my problem is i dont know which nuts/bolts go into the motherboard, it
    sucks really ;(

  3. Great detail but painstakingly so.

  4. Shouldn’t your power supply be installed with the fan facing down?

  5. just noticed the huge spoon in the background

  6. this wids are a 80% waste of time

  7. Had to post this on my wife’s account by the way.

  8. Stahhpp Taalkiiinggg D:

  9. what does your pc cost??

  10. wasted time with two parts…

  11. These videos are great detail. Really making me less worried about
    installing my parts.

  12. why’d he choose such a small case? that things gonna get hotttt

  13. Quit talking smack you douches, atleast he’s being informative and
    providing tips and tricks, skip ahead if you don’t like it. No reason to
    call him a dick/cunt w.e assholes.

  14. the ssd can be mounted on the bottom of the case to save space for HDD’s. i
    helped building my friend his pc with the exact same case 4 weeks ago.

  15. You should usually put in everything except the graphics card, wire it,
    then put in the graphics card.

  16. XxGamersUnitedxX


  17. Just like Cambell said: Great video for begginers. I have a budget of about
    1200 and found this video very helpful for picking out the correct parts
    for the build. I am building an AMD, strictly for budget. Plan is to record
    in 1080p on competitive games: BF3, Far Cry 3, Skyrim (Not a big deal), and
    MC. Thumbs up, subbed, favorited! Love this video!

  18. Watching these because I just ordered more parts ;;

  19. can you help me build my first PC my budget you will be like 2500 I want to
    do my gaming and movies on there I don’t want to have to upgrade down the

  20. check out carey holzman

  21. It shouldn’t be a problem really if you have enough room in your case. Use
    one of the larger PCIe ports so they support it more. Nice card though have
    fun with it

  22. case is shit

  23. Nah not a gud pc good tho

  24. ok u guys all right he talks alot but look the way hes explains step by
    step trully i like the way he explains each details cause one mistake will
    mess up the work so from my point of view Meatwagon22 good keep up what u

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