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Console Wars: Xbox One Vs. PlayStation 4 — Hardware (Round 2)

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Kessen is the first DVD PlayStation2 title--boy, what a difference a DVD-ROM makes! Kessen's fantastic cutscenes showcase the difference between the visual capabilities of non-DVD and DVD formats. That difference is analogous to the gap between analog television and HDTV quality. The graphics are awesome, too. In a triple barrage, three rows of gunmen draw and fire their guns. Not everyone does it at exactly the same time, and the number of men goes back as far as the eye can see. The smar

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  1. *Console Wars*: Xbox One Vs. PlayStation 4 – Hardware (Round 2)


  2. Like if you are watching this on your ps4 !!!!

  3. Fvck this im gonna buy ps4… my xbone got overheat and i doesnt turn on ..
    fvck you vonderhar!!!

  4. TheMatoPato patoo

    can someone tell me if the ps4 keeps overheating? (newer versions, like
    glacier white)

  5. I don’t even see the point in using a SSD in a console.

  6. Jason McLaughlin

    Anyone remember when that first year hacker hacked psn and psn was shut
    down for a week… and hundreds of peoples credit card info was stolen from
    hackers hacking easily into psn… I remember

  7. LOL looks like rouind 3 gonna go to ps4 fact

  8. PC people are stuck up dicks

  9. Build a mITX PC and kill both of them easily with options to upgrade,
    cheaper games, etc.

  10. Seriously Aerodynamics .ps4. These are consoles not planes. Don’t expect us
    to glide them from a cliff

  11. Can i use USB3 hub in PS4?

  12. TheSony/AppleFanatic

    Design: Xbox One > PS4
    Who cares about the power supply location??

  13. I need help i am a pc gamer but want a console for me and my girl. I used
    to play xbox 360 and liked that more then the ps3 but now it seems the
    other way around. I now heard the PS4 is better. What should I get PS4 or
    Xbox one?

  14. the ps4 needs usb ports on the front to charge the controller. there’s one
    on the rear side that i use for the camera, but im not sure if it can
    support hubs :|

  15. Joey JoeJoe Jr Shabadoo

    I dunno, maybe it’s just me, but I feel like consoles are slowly losing
    there purpose of being simple, easy to use gaming machines. Consoles are no
    longer the super simple consoles they once were, where you just insert a
    disc and the game runs. Now consoles are WAY more like PC’s than ever
    before, with constant updates, multifunction, and level of maintenance. I
    abandoned consoles 10 years ago because I knew they were just going to end
    up being tightly controlled, wannabe PC’s. For me, it’s PC plus classic

  16. francheska malave

    so xbox 1 is better…dats why i brought a xbox 1

  17. i’m just saying this but with the heat comparison, the ps4 has everything
    it needs inside the console while the xbox ones power supply is external,so
    they should have also measured the power supplies temperature. because when
    i look at the power supply it has a lot of vents on it which i haven’t
    really seen ever on a console power supply.

  18. the Playstation will win the war like last year vs the xbox 360 and now vs
    the xbox one. :)

  19. When The Xbox appeared they should of put the audio clip ” the fuck is

  20. Besides the xbox one is so creepy it can apparently read your heart beat

  21. PlayStation pussies XBN run this!

  22. Shitbox one next gen for shitty gaming.

  23. Awesome vid 🙂 

  24. ‘Pc master race’ yeah well some people can’t afford a 1.8k+ for a decent
    gaming PCM

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