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CGR Undertow – LEGO THE HOBBIT review for PlayStation 3

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  1. I kinda wanna see the cutscenes ’cause they’re always funny but I guess I’m
    tired of the gameplay. I’ve been playing the games since Lego Star Wars was
    first announced back a long time ago…

  2. Daniel McFarline

    ‘Lego The Hobbit’ sounds like something you’d yell at an orc who grabbed
    Bilbo or something

  3. First? Really? wow

  4. generalgrievous67

    My favourite thing from this game is how much it improved the sidequests
    and exploring from lego lord of the rings

  5. @MonkeyCrossing2 He clearly ment LEGO MOVIE THE VIDEO GAME not lego city
    undercover for wii u ;)

  6. Converted from 2 of the movies, which were up to 3 hours long.

  7. orcs don’t have phones! silly orcs!

  8. I’m a human

  9. Wich one should I buy-lego hobbit,lego marvel or lego batman 2?

  10. Patrick Williams

    I would play the shit out of Lego Madden.

  11. Is the crafting system in this game like monster hunter where you can make
    weapons and items that assist you in battles? If not, it should be.
    (Imagine a Lego monster hunter gAme. That would be awesome.)

  12. The only BS about this game is that they didn’t include the third movie.
    Just watch them put out the third movie as DLC and then re-release it as a
    “complete” version. >_>

  13. We now most definitely need a Lego Madden.


  15. HomosexualAssBleed

    I hope the Wii U version doesn’t have this much screen tearing.

  16. I can’t wait for the PS4 version review

  17. I’d say Lego Undercover and Marvel are quite different. But oh well.

  18. Just give me a reason just a little bits enough , why I don’t have a play
    station only have a wii and 3ds. I have no other consoles. :/ 

  19. Lego the hobbit


  21. Lego The Hobbit proves that having plenty of variety in terms of objectives
    and gameplay mechanics doesn’t make much difference if none of those
    objectives and mechanics are much fun, and that capturing the look of an
    epic quest isn’t the same as capturing the feel of one.

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