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Xbox One vs PS4: Year One

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  1. TheOfficialGriefer

    C’mon now, we ALL know the PS4 is better for now at least, you never know,
    XBOX could get better but I doubt it because PS4 has managed to transfer
    XBOX’s reputation to Playstation. Nuff said…

  2. PSN= Mature and intelligent gamers XBL= Retarded stoners and 5 year olds 

  3. Last year: ps4 better than xbox one because better looking games

    This year: xbox one better than ps4 because all games are looking the same
    and xbox one has more games

  4. Ruben Joshua Moreno

    playstation hasnt been good since PS1 and PS2.

  5. Any idea if Malaysia will ever be recognized by Xbox ?

    Torn between purchasing Xbox One or PS 4. Been an Xbox person all my life,
    even since the orignal Xbox came out but it’s disappointing Malaysia isn’t
    recognized by Xbox, so I’m more than worried about having problems with my
    Xbox One and not being able to fix it up. PS4 by Sony on the other hand is
    perfectly recognized here so online purchase shouldnt be problem. BUT THEN,
    being an Xbox kinda guy, I’ve played Halo since Combat Evolved and to move
    to Playstation and to miss out on the upcoming Halo games is quite hard fr

  6. I have an xb1 and I must say ps4 is looking better in regards to free to
    play games and much larger catalogue of current and upcoming games that
    cater to the horror fanbase/ audience.. xb1 has outlast, alien: isolation
    and the evil within…. xb1 indie games are very childish and
    unorigional… for example search the game flockers which was recently
    released on xb1, a ripoff of a sega mega drive game called lemmings… it
    seems microsoft should’ve invested into some new games rather than spending
    a small fortune on Minecraft… wtf do I do?! Be patient with xbox or just
    get a ps3 and ps4??

  7. Just shut the fuck up with these console wars. I own both consoles.
    All I play is my One, it has EA Access which is amazing, my cable box runs
    through it, and netflix and youtube are perfect on it. My PS4 doesn’t get
    turned on unless i’m playing Destiny.
    Both are great systems, but for now, Xbox One does more, and has much
    better Exclusives.

  8. Okay, at this point both consoles cost the same, and I have an equal amount
    of friends who have each one, so I can’t decide which one to buy.
    I’m letting you just choose for me. Let the flame war commence.

    Which is better? Xbox One or Ps4?

  9. I have choice to either buy a Xbox One or PS4. I’m torn between them
    completely. I want a Xbox One for Halo, but I want a PS4 for Bloodborne.
    The argument of spec or friends is irrelevant in this case because I have a
    gaming PC with all my friends on that. It’s mostly exclusives for the
    console. Which one would be the better choice overall? Please refrain from
    pointless arguments about console wars. 

  10. Stop working at McDonald’s and buy both consoles instead of arguing about
    which is better because in reality they are both awesome. 

  11. Got both but I like ps4 more in every aspect.
    I still use my gaming pc more though lol

  12. I has problemos. I want to get an Xbox one because of how cheap it is now
    and my best friends play it. I’ve seen alot of videos about the interface
    about X1, which has brought me down a bit. I also want to get an Xbox
    because of the exclusive games, Dead Rising looks promising to me since it
    has non-stop gore. I don’t know wat to do, PLS HALP 🙁 

  13. i have always been with playstation ever since ps1 Today i purchased a xbox
    one #winning 

  14. PS4 is definitely leagues better, when it boils down to the software and
    hardware, in the long run when games start reaching their “next gen”
    potential, it’ll show with the PS4.

    Not to mention Xbox One constantly sends me emails to try and reassure
    itself that it is a good console.

  15. Oskuzii Pelailee

    I played PS3 and ps4 I was like “This is way better than xbox” Then when I
    testedinä my Friends Xbox 1 my friend said “Which is better?” i sayed
    “Xbox1” then I buyed. Xbox one and it was same good like PS4 So Stop
    fighting we all like whatever we like and sorry for bad English

  16. Don’t know which one to get they’re both great and the exclusives don’t
    really interest me or the graphic difference and I know Microsoft is giving
    away free stuff please tell me which one is better for a hardcore gamer and

  17. I’d prefer PS4 but Xbox has got the better exclusives this year

  18. I honestly don’t know what to get. I love the Xbox One new software and
    online features, but I also like how the PS4 has Twitch and also they have
    cheaper online as well, and the gaming is amazing as well. What should i

  19. what should I buy xbox one or ps4?? plz answer somebody!

  20. I’ve decided to wait and see what’s best. I haven’t bought a new game in 2
    years; I’ve been renting them. At the moment, there is nothing game wise
    that interest me for the PS4. I’m a big Halo fan, so the Halo collection
    really makes me lean towards the Xbox One. At the same time, I don’t care
    for the media features of the Xbox One; I have a receiver that all my
    devices plug in to and recording devices. Also, the Shareplay on the PS4
    seems cool. I’ve done some research and it looks like both consoles may
    have a price drop coming soon, so that could tip the scale.

    Both consoles have their pros and cons, so what would you youtubers

  21. If u want the best exclusives, Xbox one is the place. Even PS4 fans should
    agree with that. I like only Uncharted4 and infamous from Sony’s
    exclusives’ line-up. Whereas, Halo, SO, Ryse, Tomb Raider, EA Access. etc
    and the list keeps on going bigger and bigger. PS4’s extra 20%power is
    still almost unused, as almost every new game is hitting >900p resolution
    on Xbox. While on the sony side, I love that they are innovating new
    sharing features. PS Now, SharePlay, stc all are v awesome. System changes?
    Xbox has seen much significant updates than PS, but still, PS4’s design
    looks better. fluid. Overall? Tie. It depends upon u.

  22. PS4 & PSVITA hands down! There are only 3 more major updates, in my
    opinion, Sony MUST to do to make the PS4 the ultimate console. (1) Make the
    camera do what the Kinect can do! (2) DLNA connection. & (3) Video format
    playback. There are other “small” tweaks Sony can do but these 3, in my
    opinion, are the big “MUST HAVES”. 

  23. ps4 is 425E xbox one 549E-with kinect and 379E-> no kinect 

  24. The PC will always be the mother of all consoles the quicker you console
    boys accept that PC is far more superior in every way the better.

  25. I am in no way a fanboy of any system. I own All 3 gaming platforms. (Ps4,
    PC, and Xbox One) and I’ve gotta say I play the Xbox One MUCH more than
    either other system. The Pc is the most powerful and its neat to have don’t
    get me wrong, but id sometimes just rather put in a game and just play from
    the comfort of my bed! The Ps4 has been played a total of about 10 hours (7
    hours on Last of us Remaster, 3 hours playing the rest of the bullshit that
    is available on the system). Ive Played countless Hours and Hours of Dead
    Rising, Forza 5, TitanFall. And with the games Halo: Master Chief Edition,
    Forza Horizon 2, and Sunset Overdrive out now, I don’t see me picking up
    the Ps4 controller any time soon. If you are looking for something that is
    fun to play RIGHT now, the Xbox One or the Pc is the way to go. 

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