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Wii U Console Review [1080P HD]

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  1. One game that would definitely make me get a wii u”earthbound”. 

  2. To be honest it’s really sad to see how south miiverse went

  3. @xPaleMemory and now you fed pikmin

  4. hey dude chill who cares at least you so stupid why do you watch
    cavemanfilm you funking faget

  5. Damn. Zelda for the Wii U is gunna look frickin’ awsome.

  6. Only younger. But yeah.

  7. UltimateGamer863

    $*)_@##_$&@^ lol

  8. awesome videos..sub you..check my new channel out. peace

  9. The Silly Sausages

    im gonna get it!

  10. you could take it about 50ft away from the console before it loses

  11. It dose come with a HDMI cable

  12. LegendaryHero1000

    Alright then i will tell you the wiiu is super impressive even though it
    does not play blu ray or dvds. The wiiu can play all of your wii games it
    has 1080p graphics which both xbox 360 and ps3 only can play 720p graphics.
    It has unlimited ways to increase memory it has great games, the fastest
    internet on any browser. you can watch youtube some games can be played
    without your tv only it can videochat, and it does not have the any
    freezing issues.

  13. So I can just use the Wii’s video cable… good to know, thank you.

  14. I liked the way he told it.Short,sweet and honest.I want a Wii U too!

  15. CallOfDutySniperzzz

    oh ok, sorry 😛

  16. Dafuq.

  17. My nintendo ID is Neomew feel free to add me

  18. Wii U will accept up to a 2 Terabyte hard drive! Further Firmware Upgrades
    will allow 3 terabytes and more.

  19. @PoonchCP Yeah, you have comcast, just the largest cable provider in the
    continental US

  20. all wii stuff works fine with the wiiu

  21. Wait, you have a Nintendo Network ID?


  23. Troll Detected! DO NOT FEED HIM

  24. I really want one

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