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The New Xbox 360 Review

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  1. TaylorGang OverEverything

    The new ps3 is also gay as hell

  2. Jetthunder Carvalho

    Hey,could someone answer me if it´s really necessary a 250gb Xbox or a 4gb
    it´s okay tough?

  3. he deserves the puppy. that non external harddrive thingy sounded lame

  4. you can always upgrade your 4gb but it is best to get a 250gb then you can
    download content like classic xbox games, arcade games like minecraft 🙂

  5. yeah, but its not that much memory. i would know i have one but you can
    always get another memory brick.

  6. @gorius1 no both are for violents and sports games

  7. hey where is my puppy?

  8. I don’t care what’s better I like em both

  9. TheConnorJProduction

    Not really a review, just stats

  10. @JLT1019 Thats like asking if you can go on google without the internet? lol

  11. Yeah i agree with you

  12. A Magical Wizard

    Why don’t they just tear the old hard drive casing off and shove it in the
    new xbox?

  13. i geting a xbox today OMG YAY 🙂

  14. My son has a 360, and I sold my PS3 to get a 2nd 360 so we can both play
    online together. Not saying the PS3 is bad, but I never got into it. For me
    the xbox has a better controller, better live interface (worth paying for,
    if you can afford it). The only thing it lacks is Blu-ray (which I never
    ended up using anyway due to overpriced films). Now the noise and red ring
    issues are gone, there’s never been a better time to get one.

  15. That’s what they said about Oliva Munn.

  16. youclickhereyoudie

    never new bout the removable hard drive haha

  17. @AznBoyEntertainment dont worry all xbox slims do that. trust me it doesnt
    heat up that bad when you feel the whole thing.

  18. i have a ps3 and xbox, i love my ps3 more lol

  19. Super Doge Master

    there is only one reason for why i do not own an x-box, and that is because
    i can’t use a mouse and keyboard.

  20. the hard drive is removable… just take off the plastic grate on the top

  21. i just want to know if it is going to break. i just got the rrod death for
    my old one and the new one doesn’t have extended warranties so is that a
    good thing

  22. xbox 360 are for games that are violent and have blood?? and ps3 is more
    for sport games??

  23. does it have open tray error???

  24. This girl is way better than oliva and she is really hot but oliva had that
    porn star hot trashy Vibe that I like with my video games. Wait this girl
    is all they way around better what was I thinking. oliva good luck in your
    shitty movie.

  25. but i thought the new has a cooling fan

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