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Wii U: Is it a Real Next-Gen Console?

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  1. *Wii U*: Is it a Real Next-Gen Console?


  2. Gamers then: Wow, this game’s great!
    lolwat is game

    Hush, internet. Wii U is great, and I’m enjoying the shit out of it.

  3. Pietro Di Meglio

    Wii U is a current gen console, same as PS4 and Xbox One…

  4. I have a Wii U and a PlayStation 4… I love playing my on my Wii U and i
    rarely play on my ps4. Games like Mass Effect, Assassins Creed, Legend of
    Zelda, and nintendo first party games play great and do play better. I
    remember hearing my Xbox 360 work to play ME3 and load times were slow but
    Wii U plays it smoother. I honestly do not know why 3rd party developers
    dropped this platform for it is a great one! I see a great comeback for the
    console and anyone who loves to have alot of family fun should buy this
    system and any person wanting cheaper games like Mass Effect 3 ($14.99)
    should pick this up as well.

  5. Of course it’s next-gen. I’m SO sick of this discussion. If hardware is the
    only thing that defines a console generation and the Wii U is outdated,
    then I say the PS4 and XBone are outdated as well, cause my gaming PC’s
    horsepower kills them both. I love Nintendo and have a Wii and Wii U. I use
    my PC for everything non Nintendo. If you ask me the XBone is the console
    that’s in trouble. People will always want to play Nintendo games and you
    need a Nintendo console for that. What gamers don’t need is two almost
    identical consoles on the market. The XBone has less horsepower and nowhere
    near the amount of IP’s as Sony’s platform, so… bye bye XBone. I give it
    a year and a half before the Wii U is second behind PS4 and people start
    asking if Microsoft should just drop the Xbox and only make games. LoL.

  6. As a mainly PC gamer the WiiU is the PERFECT console for me. . . As the
    VAST majority of title for the PS4 and XB1 i can already get for PC and
    with a far better experience.

    The WiiU is the only system where a good chunk of the titles are not only
    great but system exclusive. . . Not to mention the one console which has a
    unique experience.

  7. Wii U is just a console that brings a smile on your face.

  8. The specs are not on par with 360 and PS3. The Wii U uses an AMD 6000
    series GPU. The raw GPU power is about 10x the power of the 360 and PS3
    (and 32x the GPU power of it’s predecessor). It’s basically an entry level
    GPU from two years ago while the other next-gen consoles are gamer class
    cards from last year. They are definitely more powerful as you would expect
    from newer/more powerful tech. The Xbox ONE and PS4 are probably about 3x
    and 4x as powerful as the Wii U in GPU power respectively. However, the
    claims that the Wii U is only as powerful as the 360 and PS3 are complete
    bullshit. Most of those claims were spread by EA and its subsidiaries after
    a deal to bring Origin to the Wii U as the primary online service went

    The biggest problem with the Wii U is that they chose to use a custom
    graphics API. Though the Wii U can accept some OpenGL 3 code (like on the
    PS3), it’s not optimized for it and it’s very buggy. This is one of the
    reasons why Wii U gets such shitty ports. The Wii U supports OpenGL 4.3
    features (the equivalent to DirectX 11) but requires custom code to access
    them. The market isn’t large enough for devs to spend that much time or
    money developing for a platform that they can’t trust to bring them decent

    The Wii U also has a weaker CPU than the other next gen consoles. The Wii U
    uses a triple core PowerPC processor which uses some tech from the Wii for
    the sake of native backwards compatibility. However, clock speed is very
    misleading to people here as the Wii and Wii U used out-of-order processing
    while the 360 used in-order processing. This means that the 360 goes idle
    very frequently while handling tasks while the Wii and Wii U do not. An
    emulator developer had once shared that the Wii CPU was about 70% as fast
    as a single core of the 360s CPU (this is despite a huge clock speed
    mismatch of ~700 MHz vs 3.2 GHZ). The Wii U uses the same number of cores
    as the 360 and nearly double the clock speed, so it could be assumed that
    in raw performance it’s about 50% faster than the 360. However, you have to
    also consider that the OS is run on a separate ARM dual-core processor so
    that won’t hit the processor. The sound (unlike the 360) is handled by a
    separate DSP. All the motion information is handled by another
    co-processor. Plus, because the GPU supports OpenCL, you can offload
    additional calculations (ideally physics because GPUs are good at handling
    physics and the Wii U processor sucks at it) to the GPU. This leaves the
    CPU to handle nothing but specific game operations like AI. If all this is
    considered the Wii U could be (if OpenCL is used) 2-3x more efficient than
    the 360 in CPU power, though it would still definitely trail the other
    next-gen consoles.

    I would never claim that the Wii U is more powerful than the Xbox ONE and
    PS4, because it’s not. Honestly, the Wii U is probably on par with my
    girlfriend’s 4-5 year old gaming PC. However, the hardware is closer to
    next-gen than it is to the 360 and PS3 (which are about as powerful as an
    integrated GPU from 4-5 years ago). Hell, the Wii U is much closer to its
    competitors than the original Wii was.

    A lot of problems are in software, which can be improved after devs create
    better toolkits for developing for the console…which will probably only
    happen if they decide the install base is worth taking a shot on. Honestly,
    we may even eventually see a game or two come out for the Wii U that you
    would expect to be running on PS4 hardware. If Treyarch could get Modern
    Warfare 3 to run on a 700 MHz PowerPC processor with 64 MB of RAM with a
    GPU that doesn’t even support real shaders, then a dedicated team willing
    to work specifically for the Wii U could do incredible things with the Wii
    U hardware.

    I honestly would have expected you guys to do a bit more research on the
    specs, I have watched your phone reviews for nearly five years now and I’d
    expect better from you guys.

  9. Edward McKenzie-McHarg

    just because its less powerful than the other consoles, doesn’t mean its
    not a next-gen console.
    also if you have a wii u look up splatoon, its a game coming out for wii u
    in 2015 and looks awesome.

  10. Since when did next Gen console mean more power… Seriously the gamers of
    today suck! 

  11. It all comes down to preference I guess. I’ve been an Xbox fan since the
    first console, but to be honest the more I research and videos i watch like
    jimquisition, the more discouraged I get…I’m sure Nintendo is not
    innocent of this but many of the next gen games that have come like ryse
    have nickled and dimed with micro- transactions. To be honest, I think it
    would be cool to challenge yourself with new kinds of games and play
    dynamics. Seriously though, smash bros and Mario kart are out later in the
    year with a new Zelda and metroid that’s sure to come…that looks pretty
    enticing to me. *shrug* to each their own, but nobody just sits down and
    enjoys a game anymore, its always about specs or achievements/trophies…

  12. I don’t know what i would do if i didn’t buy every Nintendo console. People
    think since Xbox and PS4 are “hardcore” and popular its better. Nintendo is
    considered kiddy and people bash it because its the “cool” thing to do.
    Each and every Nintendo console brings joy to my heart, unlike CoD and
    games of that nature. I love CoD games and shooters in general, but there’s
    no feeling there, Mario, Zelda, Kirby exc. bring feeling. The experience i
    will have on my Wii U will be special, unique and fun that neither PS4 or
    Xbone have. They are great systems, but Id choose Wii U over BOTH any day
    of the week.

  13. Marcus Terry-Bedford

    I believe that the Wii U is an 8th generation console (same as the Wii
    being 7th generation).

    Talking about the original Wii, it was a revolution console (which is also
    what Nintendo is). The PS3 and Xbox 360 didn’t have motion controls back
    then. I know it had last generation graphics power and stuff but describing
    both 7th and 8th generation Wii’s here, they have lot’s of exclusive titles.

    The Wii U does have the same graphics as 7th generation systems but it
    still has HD 1080p games developed exclusively by Nintendo (such as Mario,
    Donkey Kong, Nintendo Land, etc.). You can also class the Wii U as a cheap
    and cheerful console as it comes already bundled with an integrated gamepad
    display (AND IT IS £100 cheaper!).

    Overall, I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to purchase and XBOX ONE or a
    PS4. I Actually ended up buying a Wii U instead! It has the most titles
    available and good ones too. XBOX One, PS4, Wii U, 3DS and PS Vita are the
    8th generation consoles.

    So yes, Wii U is a next generation console! (My personal opinion)

  14. There would simply too too much competition for Nintendo if it walks the
    same path as Sony and Microsoft. This is why they take the whole different
    approach of gaming and target a different set of gaming audience. PS4/XBONE
    are targeted at teenagers and adults who wants loud explosions and gun
    fires. Wii is targeted at kids or families that want cute/educational games

    And how do you categorize “next gen consoles”? In terms of hardware and
    graphical performance the Wii doesn’t quite advance in that department, but
    its exclusive games are definitely next gen games

  15. the wii u is just a addon for the wii

    they made a mistake & now they are trying to save themselves from going
    under the ownership of Sony

  16. Thomas Vanhelden

    You should make a “Xbox One and PS4: Are they Real Next-Gen Consoles?”.

  17. Santiago Mantilla

    same here :)

  18. Super Kong Galaxy

    Actually the Wii U is not on par with the PS3 and 360 power wise, it is in
    fact more powerful, some would say much more powerful. The Wii U is much
    more powerful than last gen systems but it is in fact a lot less powerful
    than the current gen systems as well, its in between power wise, like the
    Dreamcast or the Turbo Grafx 16 were compared to the Ps2 and SNES/Genesis.
    But it is in fact (no argument here) an 8th generation console just like
    the Xbox One, PS4, VITA, and 3DS.

  19. Hyrule Warriors is not really appealing, I’d rather have the Zelda game
    they showed at e3 2011. Nintendo has a crap load of ips, they should start
    resurrecting them for instance I would love see mythical ninja or even
    metroid game. The thing that bothers me a lot is the 32 gb on the deluxe
    edition that’s kind of pathetic. I mean that’s not really a good amount
    space, if you have a crap load of downloadable games and even physical game
    data you won’t be able to fit a lot on there. I really don’t want to spend
    around 70 dollars for an external hard drive when the console should have
    already had that kind of memory. I just hope my memory don’t get full fast.

  20. Ps4 and wii u. 

  21. What is up with these camera angles.. they are retarded!

  22. what a fucking joker saying wii u is on par with xbox 360 and ps3 this is
    afalse falg on nintendo the wii u is atleast 3 to 4 times more powerful
    than the 360 and ps3 and thats a fact


    are the ‘next-gen’ consoles worthy of the name next-gen?

  24. +Jon Quach If you read this and you are editing the videos, would it be
    possible to adjust the intro volume so it’s less loud compared to the
    speech? It always scares me.

  25. the thing about nintendo is yeah they got all these games coming out but
    it’s the same copy and paste bull shit they’ve been doing for 30 years i
    can literally take 5 steps to my tv and turn on my super nintendo and play
    mario cart there. they need 3rd party support they need the the EA’s they
    need ubisoft’s they need all these companies because they are dying. they
    need a new more thought out console because this literally could be the
    death of nintendo. 

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