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NBA 2K15 – PS Vita Remote Play Gameplay & Review

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  1. mikejackluvskids

    if you have the ps4 version you already have it lol…im playing it via ps4
    remote play

  2. mikejackluvskids

    2k15 on the vita

  3. nba 2k 15 for psvita is on disk or you have to download it somewhere?

  4. August Webster Fessel

    nice video! but i really wnna find it. the game to vita. but i cant. it
    looks nice. where do u by it???

  5. Does it have My season mode ?

  6. So can i b at work and play on this from home? (If the ps4 on of course)

  7. yo this is sweet! i wanna cop this for christmas but can’t find a place
    that sells it? where did u get yours

  8. Can u teach me how to install thatsm in ms new PSP vits the 2nd just call
    me this number 949 705 8954 ok tnx im welling to pay d ok

  9. Is there a catch to this remote play? Like does it require SUPER FAST
    internet speeds and wont allow on regular speeds or what is the down side?

  10. Can I use my vita as a secondary controler

  11. I know it’s been asked before but I want to double check. Can I use remote
    play on the Vita while watching Netflix on the PS4 simultaneously? Thanks!

  12. Aye so do it NEED to b remote play for 2k15 to b played on there?

  13. Does facescan work?

  14. Francisco Alvarado

    Can u buy this game at gamestop

  15. Is it possible to play with the dual shock instead of Vita controls?

  16. Samuel Mutandiro

    Great review man

  17. Where do you get this nba 2k15

  18. Take the lag out the game!

  19. Can you tell me how to do this plz?

  20. Can u facescan on der

  21. sooooooo much better than psp!!!

  22. Juvin Carlo Quirino

    Where and how could you download the 2k15 into your psvita?.

  23. Sir i would like to ask where do u buy your 2k15 for vita?

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