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GTA Chinatown Wars for Sony PSP Review

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  1. Do they have this for the PS Vita ?

  2. you faforite game is gta 4 ? gta chinatown wars ?

  3. this very best game for sony psp gta chinatown wars way you stop video ?

  4. Idk if im feeling the birds eye veiw buts its still cool that its a big map

  5. these new graphics are actually pretty cool

  6. he says if you want to run you need to tap x it’s like he meant you can
    only run if you tap the x button

  7. Should I buy this game to my psp?

  8. im gonna buy it today. i’m a bit upset since i can’t connect my fat to my
    tv… but… its still great. and i can play gta iv there. and it feels
    good that the city of gta 4 will be there with me whereever i go.

  9. this is better (gta chinatown wars)it’s storie is better ive played both
    and chiatown is better

  10. I love this game!

  11. nice psp. awesome game!!

  12. it IS 3D, ur not moving from point a to b. u can move where ever u want

  13. what do you mean the cop system sucks? thats one of the best parts!
    destroying cops instead of running away from them is so much more fun

  14. nice review dude

  15. dude i just watch this one review on this game and the kid was only like 6
    and was saying this video is gonna be about me just dealing drugs with
    other dealers and that is just wrong for a 6 year old be doing that stuff
    in a game man but nice video btw keep it up

  16. A lot like gta 4

  17. ok no offense but i really think this review was sloppy man

  18. lol you suck at rating a game xD

  19. i mean cheat for the cops

  20. Heavens to Murgatroid! Who can resist the lure of exotic Chinatown? Love
    the Wong Brothers Laundry there, thanks to their killer slogan: “TWO WONGS

  21. can you play thin on custom firmware or do you have to have oficcial
    firmware shit??

  22. what kind of psp was that 2000 or 3000

  23. you do know that to run in chinatown wars you just have to hold the button
    not rapidly tap like the console version gta4

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