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My Intel Core i7 Extreme Gaming PC 2011

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  1. Is a Intel Core i7-4770 Haswell 3.9 Ghz great for gaming?

  2. this vid proves he did not build that PC, he don’t even know the parts that
    are in it. H50? dude that’s a H80 cooler.

  3. Cheers dude. Sure miss that Daisy in denim shorts…

  4. It pisses me off that no one that has built this computer reviews the back
    of it! Can someone please confirm to me how many USB slots there are (fully
    built)? Cause i need 4 slots :/ and i only see 2 on top of this. God i hope
    there are 2 other slots at the back but no one reviews the back of it!

    Would help me alot, thanks!

  5. Cant you hold the camera still? Thumbs down I’m out

  6. bitch marks xD 

  7. THEsyntheticFresh

    where are your girlfriend?

  8. can that case support 100i water cooler

  9. it does fit but mine didnt work had to rma it

  10. would a 780 fit in this case

  11. If you mean radeon HD 7990 then – no fucking shit sherlock

  12. you know its ok, stop trying to brag with your specs

  13. AMD SLI??? you mind Crossfire bro.

  14. Can you even say a fluid sentence without pausing or stuttering like a

  15. My pc: AMD FX-6 4,2GHz (overclocked); 32GB RAM; 1TB HDD; NVIDIA GeForce
    GTX680 4GB GDDR5; It’s ok?

  16. Hahahhahahahaha AMD Radeon in SLI? You are stupid,retarded and sad… AMD
    Graphic cards use Crossfire tehnology not SLI 🙂

  17. Lol, no you don’t. Your videos show you have a Pentium-based laptop. And no
    idiot would get CrossFire 7990s (SLI is an NVIDIA technology…) for a
    single 1080p display. That is a massive waste of money and performance.
    Also, 8 TB HDDs do not exist. The largest single hard drive you can get is
    4 TB. Anything higher than that is actually two drives in one.

  18. PlatniumProductions

    Only posers like you actually like posting their fake specs online trying
    to brag to people.

  19. SinistrChevy aka StinkMeat

    that card really cant handle directx 11, disable that and see if it works

  20. you wasted so much money dude, you Don’t need a 1000w psu & you could of
    got a just as good but alot cheaper motherboard & i see a few other ways
    you could of saved money too lol

  21. It is a computer that is already assembled. It’s called Tornado Vibox-21

  22. Right!!! I built 3 computers this summer. One for me, my GF and my brother.
    Each pc is great! without spending cash on parts not needed. Why buy a
    motherboard with 3 PCIe x16 if you only want one Gfx Card? why buy 1000psu
    if your system only needs 400.. ETC..my goal is to build a great gaming PC
    without killing my wallet!:)

  23. Cool, want a fucking trophy?

  24. Limao since when is the 3770k an octo core? Its only six cores and six
    threads so meaning one thread per core…

  25. why is his computer so loud

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