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PlayStation 4 Review (PS4) – Polygon

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Dual Charger Charging Dock Station + USB Cable For Sony PS4 Wireless Controller Description:
Material: PVC
Design for the PS4 controllers
Two controllers can be charged simultaneously
Sleek and compact design
Powered via the U


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  1. Xbox One got an 8 that means PS4 is worse! Suck It!

  2. ProSecondAmendment

    BF4 and Madden 15 are good to go for me. Never will I support a communist
    company like xbox ever again. I refused to buy ps3 cause it simply sucked
    in lag and xbox 360 ruled online multiplayer.
    So after Microsoft’s bullshit attempt to spy on people with Kinect not to
    mention all the spying they do through windows software,I can officially
    say I am forever done buying anything Microsoft or xbox ever again. They
    are a tyrant supporting company as well as a far left wing nutjob company
    while these bastards donate millions of dollars to fund a gun confiscation
    bill here in Washington state. Google i594. These CEO’s and Gates can go to

  3. ya’ll bi*ches fighting like crazy cows…. I have both consoles and they
    are both awesome so suck on that ;)

  4. I bought this shit at launch and I have played not 1….NOT ONE!!!!!
    Memorable game. Hmmmm my Wii u has pumped out at least 7 I’ll remember
    forever. Wtf are you doing Sony. Idc about graphics I care about quality
    titles that are FUN!

  5. 7.5 WTF i spit on you poly… Give it 10/10

  6. Polygon got caught lying about the PS4, I just couldnt take their reviews
    seriously. One of the dumbest reviews I’ve seen. Taking money from
    Microsoft to give a shitty review like this. Quite shaddy lol

  7. Giving a console (that just came out) a numerical score is as ridiculous as
    this: ‘I gave my newborn baby a 7.5 out of 10.’ 

  8. I’m having a blast with mine and would strongly recommend 9/10 rating and
    for people who still play thier ps3 and 360 to upgrade to this bad boy asap

  9. i had a long comment that i was about to post with valid rebuttals, but i
    figured i should just shake my head at this review and wonder how you dress
    yourself in the morning.

  10. PS4 is simpiily. Garbage. xbox one is far more superior than a simple
    console like the outdated ps4. You people are wasting a good $400

  11. Why the dislikes? Oh wait the ending.

  12. I have no problem with the DS3.

  13. The Nintendo Project

    I have a feeling that the PS4 and the Xbox One will both have the same
    problem the Wii U is having, convincing the audience out there to upgrade.
    They also seem to have problems getting must have games on these consoles.
    That’s probably because the graphical leap isn’t as big so most of the
    general audience doesn’t care.

  14. partyrockificatiable

    good reviews but the scores seem slightly biased.

  15. Probably the most honest review of the PS4 I’ve ever seen. 

  16. Hasn’t it been proven that Microsoft payed off machinima and polygon to not
    put any negative light to the Xbox one consoles and exclusives? I’m not
    sure just wondering. 

  17. You have forgotten about DC Universe online, Blacklight retribution and
    ONE lol.

  18. So glad I got Xbox One

  19. ps for winning on full line :)

  20. Another shitty review that has left me confused, and slightly irritated…
    The guy says the bad things in a tone as if they were good and vice versa.
    That rating at the end will improve by this time next year though, and
    giving a console a final score when it hasn’t even been a month since
    release is like judging a book by the cover. Quality games take time to
    make, this isn’t a tablet or smartphone with shitty baseless games that
    sell from 99 cents up $4.99 and get released as if the creators drank a
    bunch of Ex-lax and just spewed there feces(shitty ideas) all over the
    thought table.

  21. Its been proven that polygon is being paid by microsoft to give all sony
    exclusives and systems los score…

  22. This is a great review for the time. 

  23. This is the best review of the console i have seen. Your tell me exactly
    what i need to know!

  24. Probably the most fair review on YouTube. Give it several more months and
    both consoles will have great games with software improvements. 

  25. @kENhOU lol? There’s nothing funny about shit games from last gen

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