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CGR Undertow – PAYDAY 2 review for PlayStation 3

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  1. I disagree heavily with the review. Enemy waves can be very fun,
    particularly because special units (ex. shields) are somewhat common. I
    find the review inaccurate, to an extent, because I felt that you judge the
    singleplayer experience when the game is blatantly focused around a
    multiplayer experience. Imagine playing Team Fortress 2 or a match of
    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with no real players and only bots. 

  2. i laugh when people say payday 2 is crap when playing single player, no
    shit sherlock its a online multiplayer game with lack of story and just
    meant to be a good time with friends. trying to complain about something
    that isn’t meant to be that important in the first place. id normally
    complain about the lack of story but when its just a game for fun so it
    doesn’t bother me that much.

  3. you do get the whole idea of the game is to play with friends, they
    shouldn’t have even put in an offline mode and prolly wouldn’t have if it
    didn’t come out for consoles. So to says it awful because playing alone
    sucks is really dumb. The game is a wave based shooter. The stealth is just
    something you try first and when you pull it off you feel great. I really
    don’t think you got the point of this game at all.

  4. in the pc the shooting its great

  5. all you fucktards playing this game on ps3 or xbox, get it on pc, its
    100000000000x better

  6. Jorge Fernandez

    These graphics suck but i have it on ps3 and the graphics are good. 

  7. Yeah, the stealth is super easy
    You just need a silenced pistol or a mp5 with a stealth barrel and ninja
    And EMCS are the only thinng you need in stealth

  8. TheChosenGamerz

    this games servers suck tbh, i cant even finish a game without losing
    connection to host so it bugs me so much when im so close to finishing a 3
    day mission on very hard and it just kicks me to the main menu saying
    connection lost and does not reward me with any money or xp so in the end
    you just lost so much time, the PC version looks very fluid but seriously
    if you’re gonna put a game thats better on PC on a console you should at
    least have frequent patches every month or so, its a shame i stopped
    playing this game for not being to even play the game fully

  9. Man payday 2 sucks ballzzz on the ps3 and you’re not supposed to play with
    the ai that’s not the way the game is supposed to be played. The game is 10
    times better with friends

  10. xXTheGamingKamiXx

    I get horrible frame rates when i play this on ps3 it sucks!

  11. So do I buy this for ps3 or not?

  12. its the game

  13. Honestly looks like a slightly uprezzed PS2 game.

  14. game looks good, the realism is where its kinda at for me, i respect yer
    opinion dude, but games that are to easy or a big issue nowadays.

  15. Game sucks. Returned it and put the cash down on Diablo 3. Fix drill, fight
    with police. Fix drill, fight with police. Rinse and repeat. This turd
    might have the worst AI I’ve ever seen in a game. Computer teammates can’t
    do any of the mission objectives so that ruins the game. Also, NO LOCAL
    MULTIPLAYER??? What were they thinking? Game should have been $20 released
    on marketplace/ps store only. Oh and the graphics are pretty bad for
    today’s standards

  16. What u expect on the ps3

  17. I chose not to get this when they said no splitscreen coop

  18. This game is very repetetive but looks good

  19. You shoulda played it with friends the review is kinda wrong when its not
    played the way its ment to be

  20. That’s the FBI… Not army.

  21. “it’s like the opening scene of TDK, and no one gets to be The Joker”.
    Having said that, the game would’ve been more entertaining if you actually
    could play as the Joker.

  22. shred or be dead

    Looks kinda empty and bland on PS3.. Weird.

  23. That game is shit ugly on PS3.

  24. Tophisthebest226

    Uh I am going to assume by, “I saw gameplay of it” you meant through
    youtube, which again, it is an issue with video quality rather than actual
    rendered gameplay. So UHHHHHH yea

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