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Amazon Fire TV Game Controller Review

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  1. I have a few questions. I saw this available on one of our retailers and it
    said that it’s compatible with bluetooth enabled devices.
    I was wondering if it can work for iOS devices (like iPhones) and PC?
    I’m looking for a multi-purpose controller without having to buy one online.
    Hope you can help

  2. Can I use the controller to browse for the movies and just use it in a
    replacement of the regular controler?

  3. please try to side load xbmc 

  4. Xbmc works good

  5. Appraisalzxct Affordablexcvt

    I want to see if it has the same issues, 2 if the controller support works
    it is one of the deepest games on the system and I haven’t tried Deus Ex
    yet, looking to see how it runs? Patek Philippe

  6. 2 things, 1 have you ever used an online controller as this looks identical
    as in I think they may have used the same mould and 2 have you played deus
    ex the fall on this yet?

  7. nice, now i can control my tv

  8. Martinx Zombie-Scorpion

    It be nice to get USB HUB & use mouse also a Key-Board…

  9. Can you test the amazon controller and see if it works with the Ouya? I
    know you said it doesn’t work on the mac but I was wondering if it worked
    with anything else or is it only for amazon stuff?

  10. The Nyko PlayPad Pro is 20 dollars less and better build quality than the
    Amazon controller.

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