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Wii U Review

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  1. Universal_Hero11

    It would be nice if they went back to a controller similar to the GameCube 

  2. where can you get it for 250$

  3. Great review, I love my Wii U. Seriously don’t understand how it doesn’t
    get more hype. Its affordably, great games (both in terms of gameplay and
    graphics), a huge catalogue of old Wii games and Virtual Console games, and
    has to the best system for local multiplayer and very casual social gaming.
    Reminds me of the days I use to play Mario Kart 64 for hours with my

  4. Awesome video! I was convinced half way through.

  5. your 3 year old is gong to play Wind Waker…. 

  6. You guy watch psych don’t you!!

  7. If I have the money I will buy a Wii U with the HD version of Wind Waker ;)

  8. getting one in 2017, or Nintendo’s new console if it is out.


  10. My brother was watching E3 Xbox videos in the living room, but I still
    played Mario Kart 8. :)

  11. Errol Willoughby

    I have to admit, I have a lot more respect for the Wii U after watching
    this video.
    I do have a couple of questions, though.

    How long does the controller operate on batteries?

    What consoles are available for emulation, and can you emulate a hardware
    link through Nintendo’s services? (e.g. to trade or battle Pokémon on
    Gameboy Advance)

  12. u know that nintendo isn’t ONLY for kids. metroid and fire emblem are for
    older audiences

  13. You guys are great new subscriber here

  14. Subbed for more than one reason but mainly one; You guys are the underdogs
    of youtube. You need more subs 🙂 .

  15. One thing I will say is the original Wii power brick does not work on Wii
    U, still great video review though 

  16. Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze is absolutely brutal lol

  17. I’m definitely getting one in 2015. Why did you need to know that? Becaus-

  18. Enjoyed your video. But I have a question.. Does it really load “Super
    Nintendo” Games according to your statement at 4:20 ? Are you sure?? These
    are cartridges and not DVD’s..and are 3 generations back.. i.e. WII , cube
    and then Super Nintendo… Kindly clarify.. Cheers.

  19. narutouzumakijoshua

    Pretty good review but you guys make it sound like the Wii U is ONLY for
    kids, when it’s not. It’s for all audiences, the casual AND the hardcore,
    the kids AND the adults. Just saying.

  20. It’s better than the Game Cube as well in my opinion. This is the best
    Nintendo console since the Nintendo 64. Virtual console makes this thing
    worth even more. I never owned my own Wii, so picking up this thing was a
    no brainer. If you owned the original Wii it might be a harder sell.

  21. SuperSmashMaster43

    I subbed. Can’t wait for more vids! :)

  22. i find wii u fun but ps4 will have ultimate games soon

  23. The power brick is totally different than the Wii’s one. It doesn’t even
    fit into the socket on the back on the Wii U.

  24. Your introduction does not help Nintendo’s already established image of
    being too kiddy and/or childish. They are a company dedicated to
    entertaining gamers of all ages, teens and adults included

  25. The difference between PowerPC and x86 is why 360 emulation can’t happen on
    the Xbox One vs. Wii/Wii U. 

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