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Call of Duty: Ghosts Review Xbox 360 (Caffeinated Review)

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  1. LifeWithSideburns

    I got it on ps4 and stopped playing because of terrible graphics and
    terrible frame rate drops. In fact, the frame rate was very rarely
    tolerable for me. Not sure why. 

  2. i played this game on ps4 at my cousin house and the first couple mission
    weren’t that interesting . the multiplayer was decent well i only played
    with bots with my brother and i didn’t like the the maps only 3 of the maps
    seem good. i guess because i played the last 3 MW games which the maps were
    smaller. does the story get interesting later on? your review was great i
    felt that you actually explain the pros and cons of the game giving an
    honest review as a casual call of duty gamer. 

  3. Great review.

  4. Hey turn ur xbox in to ur local game stop. U are a hatter the game is fine

  5. Garfield Arbuckle

    Its a crap port, and is identical to the other games. Thats it

  6. how is it that this game runs great on dated, 8 year old hardware, but on
    my gaming pc that runs crysis 3 on high settings it struggles to attain
    30fps on low settings?

  7. How could they take out hq and ctf? :(

  8. Disagree with the opinions on multiplayer The map layouts are some of the
    worst ever seen on cod, there too big and arena like with makes game types
    like infection and search and destroy fall to fucking crap within the first
    30 seconds Also progression system and balancing is laughable

  9. Off topic- Karak, when can we expect to see some next gen reviews? 

  10. ‘Fast action doggy style’ The ladies love them shenanigans.

  11. AngryCentaurGaming

    I responded a bit below. I loved it.

  12. Guns cannot fire in space…who am I kidding this is call of duty.I wasn’t
    going to get it anyway, I just like to watch my favorite reviewer do his

  13. AngryCentaurGaming

    Hmmm. I would have to say yes. Yes in the way that ME 1 felt like ME2 felt
    like ME3 but each changed, added or subracted stuff. If that makes sense.
    For example its a bombastic SP game that is short but fun and has a metric
    ton of multiplayer options and gametypes(more than any other type).

  14. Good work dude, I was looking for a review of this game and yours was the
    first one I found. Nice and balanced review, no fanboyism, no redundant
    bitching. Great job.

  15. AngryCentaurGaming

    I try:)

  16. AngryCentaurGaming


  17. TroublingStatueVII

    Well, I guess what I’m trying to ask is does it feel like last year’s
    game?(and the year before that, and the year before, before that…etc.)

  18. Nice review, as always Karak. I’ve heard different opinions of extinction
    mode, some compare it favorably to Mass Effect 3’s MP, some to Left 4 Dead.
    Where would you draw comparisons from?

  19. WHHERE IS THE SOUND?!?!?!”?!£@!@ wow I need to calm down….. but youtube
    has broken on me :'(

  20. AngryCentaurGaming

    More Left 4 Dead then ME. And I am enjoying the hell out of it.

  21. blackops1228ps3

    You have always had the funniest reviews. 🙂

  22. someone reviewed a cod without being intensely biased towards or against
    it, god damn are pigs flying

  23. AngryCentaurGaming

    Exactly. Just like my reviews, aggressive, fast, and lots of cussing ha.

  24. Ah dude your review audio tracks are the bomb! Man every one makes me laugh
    and ya have a danm great sence of games too.So thanx for all the funny shit
    matey…Peace out bitch )

  25. Peace out ninjas. Ha!

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