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Nintendo News: Gamecube Controller and Wii U + Virtual Console News

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  1. someone shuld make an program or driver that lets you use your gamecupe
    controler uesing the adapter.

  2. I would hope they make a remake of Super Mario Sunshine :P

  3. It should not be patched, it doesnt break the game, its just an advanced
    tactic, just like wavedashing in super smash melee

  4. Lol, I understand demanding a patch for something like Maka Wuhu in Mario
    Kart 7, but patching the Fire Hopping method? Jeez, people complaining
    about it must be bad XD

  5. You report on fire hopping like you don’t know how video games work. It
    doesn’t give people an advantage over others. Everyone can do it. If you
    think fire hopping is an unfair advantage, then you should think the same
    for items, turning, and everything else in the game. It’s a good thing you
    aren’t a game developer with that kind of messed up thinking.

  6. GanondorfKingofEvil

    I don’t see the point of patching “Fire Hopping”. It is one thing to be
    able to make good use of it in Time Trials and it is quite another to do so
    with other racers in the mix. With shells, lightning, and other obstacles
    in general during an actual race the skill itself likely won’t be able to
    be used much. Not to mention some tracks are harder if you are moving fast
    at certain points. Most clear example is Rainbow Road. So not every track
    is this necessarily useful for.

  7. Oh god no they have to find a way to patch this out! That is even wors than
    snaking! I don’t want to see everyone online hopping around like some kind
    of bunnies

  8. I dont think firehopping should be removed because it takes skill to
    understand. It doesnt always work for me but when it does,its rewarding.

  9. lol shouldve waited a little longer, the Hoenn Starter Megas were released
    today lol

  10. I feel that with the announcement of gamecube controller support for Super
    Smash Bros. Wii U, they might announce at the beginning of next year
    Gamecube Virtual console games. 

  11. MELEE

  12. The new Gamecube controllers are probably available for people who DON’T
    have GC controller or whose broke. :P

  13. cool im going to go ahead and try the fire hopping thing!! 😀 

  14. #E3HYPE 

  15. If the developers did not intend to have fire hopping in the game, they
    should patch it because if you are using the motion controls it is hard to
    drift back and forth quickly enough to successfully fire hop.

  16. People who complained about snaking in DS and now fire hopping in 8 GIT

  17. 0:46 It’s actually 32 US dollars.

  18. BMWMKWII Mario Kart 8 Channel!!

    I’m not sure how much faster Fire Hopping is, but if it saves like a few
    seconds in Time Trial runs, I think it should be removed/patched (But
    though advanced skilled tactics separate pros from amateurs…)

  19. Ahh Nintendo adding technical things that you probably don’t intend like
    wavedashing firehopping 

  20. Fire hopping should be patched.

  21. Samuel3DSWiiUGamer/ツ √£ψ メèªr/ΣΞ ツNψメr

    Yes. Fire hopping should be patched. Fire hopping is not in the manual, so
    most people who don’t know what Fire Hopping is will obviously have a
    disadvantage. Fire hopping is equally bad as the glitches in Mario Kart 7
    and Mario Kart Wii, and snaking in Mario Kart DS. At least the Mario Kart 7
    glitches got patched, well, most of them that were discovered in late
    2011/early 2012.

  22. i just connected my wired xbox360 to my wiiu and it worked

  23. I dont think it should be patched, I think it should eitehr:

    Be added to all inside bikes

    or removed, and miniturbos be removed and the game be made more “hold the
    A button and casually tilt the stick like a bad player child”

  24. is it still possible to buy any decent new GC controllers? mine are all
    getting pretty old and showing their wear, if they are still usable. wave
    birds are dead, my third party g force controller’s start button almost
    doesnt work (have to mash it hard), and one of my old purple ones (i think)
    lost its rubber cover on the stick so that hard plastic edge makes it
    painful to use

  25. Neko Alpha Gamer

    I still want to buy the new Smash Bros. Controller as my new lucky
    controller. Even though I got 4 different color controllers being silver,
    black, purple, and orange, and even the small MadCatz MicroCON controller
    for my little cousin. 

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