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CGR Undertow – ASPHALT: URBAN GT 2 review for Nintendo DS

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  1. Good thing you didn’t play the original, Derrick, because this game is
    basically an enhanced version of the original. The majority of the tracks
    are recycled from the previous iteration.

    GT2 was a disappointment, as a literal rehash of the original product. ,
    and incrediblly easy. You get more vehicles, but only a couple new tracks.
    I liked GT as well! I was hoping for more content with an enhanced racing
    engine, but I didn’t receive it.

    Asphalt 3D satisfied what GT2 failed to provide, though it forced you to
    race the same tracks ad nauseam, once completed, there was no reason to
    return to it.

    Traded that in for OoT 3D. Worth it.

  2. I really liked that game years ago. Still like it up to this day

  3. This game kinda seems like Burnout, only it’s on the DS

  4. الوليد الزهراني


  5. I miss that game.


  6. the games get worse as they go.

  7. The steering model looks like shit, but it still looks better than the new
    asphalts on iPhone now I hate that shit. Especially 7 there wasn’t anything

  8. It had me up until the too easy difficulty…

  9. Ass-phalt

  10. i had this game and it was sort of fun for a few days……

  11. I loved that game!

  12. I have this game and i like it.

  13. Motorcycle shadows are darker than a black hole.

  14. Whose fault is it when you butt-dial someone with your cellphone? ASPHALT

  15. A handjob from George Zimmerman

  16. The only things that I hate they took away from the newer one are the
    pursuit chase and bikes

  17. CornishCreamtea07

    I sometimes forget that the DS has full 3D games, most I have are 2D or 3D
    with a top down view.

  18. I liked this game quite much back then. A bit too easy, though.

  19. nhlanhla ndlovu

    YES BEFOR 301

  20. There was a downloadable one on the DSi store that was pretty fun. I
    recommend checking that one out. Also I went through the whole video
    without realizing I have the first one and not the second one, so I have to
    agree with g1nobleteam.

  21. The ds was not really meant for racing games, the strength for ds was
    rpg’s,platformers and visual novels


  23. 2006…so when the Wii came out?

  24. first ones better.

  25. I love how undertow reviews these type of games. overlooked, most would
    write off as poor shovelware. even if they are bad games. its great to see
    an honest, well made review about them. heck even those hamster games,
    barbie games etc. thanks undertow. btw derek still the best reviewer

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