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Amazon Fire TV Review

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  1. roberto palma estrada

    the ouya killer.

  2. Nicolás Alberto Torres Fernández

    Nice review man, Im with you and I agree too for the new Nintendo console,
    that Amazon platform is where the future of entertainment is going,
    Nintendo must do something like that! 

  3. Aryzen Inniriea

    Those are good graphics to you? I’m sorry for sounding like an ass… I
    really am…
    But I just think those are under par for a device that connects to a TV.
    I mean, yeah, perhaps it looks better than a PS1, but it tries to look like
    something that it is not. These pseudo high-graphics games really turn me

    Good vid, though…

  4. why kill bill? why??

  5. MusicFeedsMySoul777

    Wish I had it. FIRST COMMENT !

  6. How much does it cost?

  7. Great review. Pisses me off how they put Minecraft on a Tv/Movie box that
    happens to play game immediately when it is out… But they don’t give a
    shit about Wii U -.-

  8. The remote works well. One thing to note is you have to provide your own HDMI cable to connect to your TV, so if you don’t have extras laying around, be sure to order one when you order Fire TV.

  9. When I did my prime free trial, most of the movies weren’t even HD. Has
    that changed? 

  10. Wow. All these TV/home entertainment devices. How do I know which one is

  11. Candy's Channel

    Excellent overview!

  12. Jthe Lightseeker


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