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Xbox One November System Update Review

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  1. Honestly, I have both xbox one and ps4, and I have to admit that the Xbox
    one has really come a long way. The latest updates makes it so much easier
    to handle. 

  2. I have both consoles because of exculsives, i like the xbox one more then
    the ps4.

  3. You should have used the attack on Titan background

  4. do you have to leave the pen drive plugged or will the image be somehow

  5. Love this update, Microsoft keep these updates coming .

  6. Xbox one reminds me of a pc with all this customization… Sucks to be a
    Playstation owner at the moment

  7. Lakhram Ramnauth

    Any information on new apps ?

  8. Are ms sure thats not a Windows pc cuse it looks a lot as my Windows 8.1 pc
    with more apps o holly shit but Great can u connect too a Windows pc too

  9. TrizollinTehWorld

    Transparency slider for tiles next update! That would be cool.

  10. jackson sparacio

    Hi there.If you could respond ASAP it would be great!!When is the official
    release of the update?Its nov . 7th and I still can’t get it;(

  11. Thanks for the tips dude, I bet you will customize superman’s wallpaper for
    xbox one XD 

  12. SouthFacedWindows

    Xbox getting better and better. PS4 pooof.

  13. Is this update out yet?

  14. anybody wants to join xbox preview program ( get early updates ) follow me
    on xbox XxIZ NOOBZxX then message me with a message so i can invite you but
    if you don’t follow me i can’t invite you you won’t appear on my screen 

  15. When do the update come out in the US?

  16. Can someone invite me to the program. My GT is: Zuvc

  17. Good video, i just bought a new Xbox One on Nov 5 and i don’t have the
    option to click (Set as Background) it only shows
    (Go home) and (About).

    Any suggestions?

  18. They should add the 10-15 minute DVR time. 

  19. How do you get the update to set background? Boored at work

  20. I have a ps4 but I really want an Xbox one 🙁 

  21. Could you get the image from one drive?

  22. What about the whats on tab 

  23. ThePaintingGamer

    Why do you make videos U suck balls 

  24. I can’t download it

  25. amazing

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