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Madden NFL 25 Review – Xbox 360

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  1. Madden NFL 25 Review – Xbox 360: http://youtu.be/OIiGqRsIKRU

  2. Tavon Austin is so sick

  3. Got this game today along with my Xbox. This was my first ever Xbox game
    and Madden game on Xbox. I was use to playing 2008 on gamecube. But I can’t
    compare this Madden to any other Madden but im in love with the game.

  4. Kamden Williams

    i like this guy if you read this chomp ur pretty cool dude i think u
    deserve more suscirbers anyways if u have xbox live i would want to at
    least play a game with you thanks add me at stormyhedges.

  5. Chomp, what would be the rating you would be givin instead to madden NFL 10

  6. Staying with last gen

  7. MegaNorthMemphis

    Great review. Fuck C.J. Spiller. He’s the most overrated RB since Ryan

  8. Great review quality. I am impressed.

  9. Kenneth raiford

    wow a 8.7 out of 10 really everything is better and its by far the best
    madden ever I give it a 9.0

  10. ChompOnThisGaming

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