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NEW PS Vita Slim Borderlands 2 Bundle Unboxing

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  1. I’m getting a psvita this Christmas as well. I’m getting black ops
    declassified and dragon ball z battle of z as well.Yall should get these
    games to.
    Plus I think yall should get the slim only because the charger is now a
    phone charger basically, so if u lose one, u can find another, and the
    battery life increased. But other than that the original is better cause
    its bigger and thicker which feels like it won’t break at any moment.

  2. What do you guys recommend ps vita or ps vita slim im going to buy one but
    I don’t know witch one to get? 

  3. Things that would have sold the PS Vita: Using Micro SD cards, PSP UMD
    Adapter, 720p/1080p screen, ability to play all PS3 games. All these were
    possible, yet Sony wouldn’t do them and as a result the PS Vita never
    really took off like the PSP.

  4. The ps vita slim is 219g compared to the original’s 260g weight, i don’t
    know how you feel that much of a difference in weight.

  5. James Johnsonson

    If only they added a mini usb to charge it…

  6. Leandro Cappella

    I have a PS4. Can I play the PS4 games I have in the Vita?, without having
    to buy them again?

  7. SourStrawberrys

    You are and idiot and should not do reviews. You are foolishly
    complimenting all the cheap changes only made to the vita. All the things
    that Sony did to save money on producing the vita and rip off the consumer
    by supplying them with less/lower quality than the original.

    The circle buttons are not something to compliment about. Circular buttons
    are cheaper to produce because they are nor cut out. It is just standard
    buttons and visually less appleasing than if they would have taken the time
    an money to cut them. They didn’t even bother putting the led in the home
    button. They did something ass backwards and made the touch pad smaller,
    they also only cover part of the screen with the glass material instead of
    the whole surface. They replaced the vibrant oler screen with a washed out
    led screen. The took away the materia around the analog sticks. All these
    changes over all make the slim look and feel less superior to the original.
    Along with all these changes they don’t bother to improve o the thing where
    they original lacked. Like in the speaker and camera, they kept all these
    thing just a shitty as before.

    All of these things are done in order to save/make Sony more money and rip
    off the consumer, because they know idiots like you would buy it and give
    it is an improvement or upgrade for the previous model.

    As a reviewer you should not automatically foolishly complement or praise
    device just because it is newer model. You should have the intelligence to
    be able to look at the big picture and realize what it actual is. Which is
    a downgrade from the original with no new added improvements.

  8. Nice device but not much big games for it…

  9. StewiebossProGaming

    Actually, the reason why there is no accessory slot on the top of the
    PSvita Slim is because the old PSvita had a micro USB accessory slot and
    they moved the USB slot to the bottom of the PSvita Slim for charging and
    for accessory’s too. It’s more convenient and it’s useful. 

  10. i cant wait to get my vita

  11. Slim is the best choice! Yea its have an LCD screen but with that screen
    its easy to play outside! the OLED its so satured and if you play that
    outside, say bye bye to your eyes

  12. randomthing1994

    I have a question about ps vita games. Some of the ps vita games says that
    “ only on playstation” does that mean that i cant play the game if i dont
    have playstation 4 or any other playstation.?

  13. TheDiamondMinecart

    I’m GONNA GET THIS!!! With mine craft and little big planet

  14. I was thinking about getting a vita, but I have a xbox one. Is it worth
    buying one or will it ruin the experience without the ps4?


  15. Nah, I’m getting black ops declassified bundle

  16. Christopher Tauscher

    Gotta ask what kinda unboxing knife is that? Also I have PS3. PS4. Xbox
    One. Is PS Vita worth buying?

  17. Am i the only one who still plays on the psp?

  18. Soopersil3ntassasin

    Lol he showed his voucher to us i hope he used it before he posted.

  19. I watched this on my psvita slim. The same exact thing hes unboxing

  20. Im selling the vita im watching this on for that

  21. Hey guys, I am looking to pick up a Playstation Vita soon. But I cannot
    seem to figure out which version I want. I want the slimness but the better
    screen. What do you think?

  22. Id think a phisical copy is better i mean people ask 4 that on chrismas not
    knowing theres no game
    I think thats bull shit

  23. Brennen Willard

    Should I get original or slim?

  24. I never got the original Vita, but I’ve been thinking about buying one. I
    own a PS3 and 4, as well as a 3DS. Do you think i should purchase this?

  25. Now I’m getting this bundle for Christmas with black ops declassified. I’ll
    add anyone when I get it.

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