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Classic Game Room – KIRBY MASS ATTACK Nintendo DS review

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  1. LuigiDude16's Channel

    i regret selling this game

  2. Wish Classic Game Room would review Kirby Triple Deluxe for the Nintendo

  3. Would have been an ever epic’er game if Kirby still had his power copy
    ability, and so all the 10 Kirby’s could work together with all those
    powers! Imagine raping a boss by sorrounding it with Kirby’s who all use a
    different power attack simultaneously 😀 but alas, Nintendo failed to
    realize the full potential of the gimmick.


  5. The only thing I found really stupid is that when only ONE. DAMN. KIRBY
    touches something( Like those ghosts in stage 4.) ALL the Kirby’s get
    sucked in.

  6. @Lockerdown3 Yes, HalLaboratories made The Adventures of Lolo as well.

  7. @TeHNECRolorDRaejPWNz You don’t even know what Ad Hominem means.

  8. @overkill2166 the douchebag? he said something like “real men play BLACK
    OPS” thats what the douchebag said.

  9. I can see some Pikmin aspects to this gameplay.

  10. TeHNECRolorDRaejPWNz

    @Nazrat84 well considering the fact that your saying the same thing over
    and over again it seems i outwitted you afterall your just saying that kind
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  11. Thedieselman790

    @c00lstuff1 that’s true my friend!

  12. Kirby: Gang Rape Edition

  13. TeHNECRolorDRaejPWNz

    @Nazrat84 “you still didnt explain whats wrong with it” i dont need to with
    you as the spokesman for it your showing the world the type of people who
    play it YOURE whats wrong with the game meek pathetic brats that whine
    cried bitch and moaned to there parents just to get the game just to talk
    shit over mic and camp i actually have play the game the over nerfed, lame
    dlc, people like u are what ruin it also if u say faggot ur clearly in the
    closet explains the built up rage and the need to bitch

  14. OMG you’re right!

  15. Pikmin 3: Return of The Kirbys

  16. LyricalMasterMind1


  17. AssociationAdmirer

    @Zer0Funk You can fling Kirby or move him onto enemies to attack. Those two
    moves are basically it, though there are special sections e.g.driving a
    tank. The gameplay gets surprisingly deep, though. There’s a fair bit of
    button mashing(or rather, stylus rapping) but for the most part the design
    is ingenious. But yes, don’t buy the game just because it’s Kirby; this is
    a whole different bag from Kirby’s usual.

  18. @Thedieselman790 i have only played 5 kirby games but mass attack is my
    favorite so far

  19. @superBbook no it’s the nds lite

  20. TeHNECRolorDRaejPWNz

    @Nazrat84 all you had to do to get pro perks in mw2 is kill people with the
    perk on and in black ops you had to do everything four different things
    just to get one perk then you had to pay 1000 cod points to me thats having
    you jump through hoops for a single perk i can unlock half the pro perks in
    mw2 in the exact same time and level up twice as much for it too looks like
    your losing this “debate” now

  21. i am getting this for the pinball

  22. just lookin for ds games to download 😀

  23. TeHNECRolorDRaejPWNz

    @Nazrat84 …. you were doing the same thing and infact by calling me a
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  24. Bad Apple Productions

    Not as good looking as 3DS games, but still looks awesome and I wants it :3

  25. my favorite game on GBA

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