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My Laptop Gaming Setup August 2014

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  1. what camera are you using and what lens?nice stuf

  2. AMAZING SETUP! Just that you waste you’re money to buy 2 keyboards when you
    have A laptop but still thumbs up

  3. Jw do your Led Lights still work bcuz in review for them a lot of people
    are sayin that they die within weeks or days 

  4. Which is better? The Cooler Master Notebook Cooler or the Zalman?

  5. Ahh!!I’ve been trying to find a laptop set up for so long.Thanks for making
    this video!! :D

  6. Nice setup man! You inspired me to start YouTube and now I have 2K subs!
    You should upload more :)

  7. Wow! Super nice!!

  8. 1000th sub

  9. Very nice bro!
    Never plan on extra display?

  10. your setup is pretty cool :)

  11. What is that desk called?

  12. myaccount1234556789

    Awesome setup!

  13. this is a great setup. your videos are better than most people with 10,000+
    subscribers. Keep up the good work

  14. Do you work? If you do, where? lol

  15. Here’s a tip: instead of the razor, try going on a website called cyber
    power and build one there! You could probably get a better laptop cost
    effective wise. I hope I helped!

  16. Ahmed Al Khalifa

    Amazing setup! when will you have your nex setup tour!?

  17. Hey man sweet setup, I’m about the same age as you and was just wondering
    where you get the money for all of this stuff? 

  18. Fucking awesome


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