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PlayStation Vita review

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Martian Gothic - PlayStation

Ten months after the Vita base lost contact with Earth, a three-member investigative team has been sent to Mars to investigate the problem. The team quickly finds that a plague has stricken members of the Vita crew and turned them into zombies. And the investigators have discovered that they, too, have been infected. In Martian Gothic, the investigation becomes a race against time and the ravaging effects of the plague. Since the three's survival rests on their ability to work separately on the

List Price: $ 18.99 Price: $ 19.79


  1. This or slim?

  2. How to save PS Vita:

    1. Stick with the price of $199.99
    2. Discontinue the Slim version because it’s not that good
    3. Bundle the game with a pre-installed Uncharted Golden Abyss
    4. Bundle Murasaki Baby with it (I have a gut feeling it would sell good)
    5. More platforming and adventure titles (crash spyro like)
    6. Make more colors and versions (Nathan drake or cole)
    7. Less 3rd party games, no one buys hand helds cuz of that
    8. Make some AAA titles and get more devs (make a infamous spin-off and
    wheres that bioshock vita?)
    9. 16gb BUILT IN MEMORY

    I believe the PS VIta deserves more attention sony! Just make smart
    Tams up if you agree!

  3. I’m getting a vita next week, what games should i get?

  4. Timothy J. Holloway

    Seriously? Boring boring review. Seems you cheaped out on production
    (especially sound) and got a bit of a mumbler to boot. Did you contract
    this out, because he doesn’t sound nearly as informed or relevant as one or
    two other reviewers on The Verge.

    I’m on a bit of a Verge video binge, but if I run into more crap like this,
    I’ll just unsubscribe. Nothing else logical to do about it….

  5. this review is the best ever made on the ps vita

  6. Bought one for P4:G, FFX HD, Grim Fandango, and PS1 classics. Great
    handheld, but I see myself using the 3DSXL far, far more. 

  7. Hi may i ask if the PS vita store has the game Final fantasy ogre tactics? 

  8. Psp veta is awesome

  9. Awesome Review Mate I Currently Have a PSP 3000 & Am On The Fence Of Buying
    a Vita But Im Leaning Towards it more now thanks to this review 🙂 

  10. Nice

  11. it got no games

  12. I bought the PSP many years ago and absolutely hated it. This looks
    legitimately like the same thing. As far as I know, no one liked it. Did
    they not learn anything?

    I say that even though Nintendo is behind on home consoles, they surely do
    know portable gaming. I keep my 3DS over a PSP. Much, much better!

    Side note, I hope they redid the games. I’ll never forget, I bought Tony
    Hawk’s Underground 2 for it and the way they did the games back then was
    horrible. I thought the “cartridge” over the disc was meant to be taken
    off.. Nope! I had to go buy another game because that was supposed to stay
    on and that “voided my game purchase” according to gamestop. It was dumb.

    Just get a 3DS

  13. You actually can use the buttons to navigate, it’s in the settings 

  14. Isak Söderström

    He said you can’t dowload games when you are on 3g because you can’t
    download more then 20 mb and most game are bigger then that but you can
    still play games on it even on the 3g right?

  15. SecondSonOfPsychoSons

    The vita is awesome i suggest it to people dont want so much games!
    in my vita im watching videos facebook music skype and some games its
    awesome buy it

  16. In 1 more year phones will be the primary gaming platform replacing these.

  17. Thanks for the review on the Vita, found oyt everything i needed to know 

  18. RampagingGiraffe


  19. if your screen breaks then get ready for a very expensive repair price

  20. Is the Ps vita expensive to play. like games?

  21. sharmaine santiago

    If you already download a games can you play it without wifi or nah?

  22. can i play wwe games on this i ll be really glad to know that.

  23. So after the summer i will be doing a 2 hour commute every week. So i was
    just wondering if this is worth getting? do anyone have any tips or
    something like that? :)

  24. RampagingGiraffe


  25. do you think a ps vita will be able to run the games better than a laptop
    gamer ?

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