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Classic Game Room – PS3 MOVE: SPORTS CHAMPIONS for Playstation 3 review

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  1. I think gladiator archery and volleyball were good

  2. @sorahearts325 lol thats proberly because you suck at table tennis

  3. MrSmallvillefan411

    @Croxyndul no , he HARDCORE mocking the wii, lol

  4. Malcolm Mallard

    what does it mean to b a hardcore gamer anyway???

  5. 5:05 because of the unblinking eye, wich is always watching you, following
    your every move, where ever you go.. even……… to the bath room xD

  6. U pussy

  7. MrSmallvillefan411

    @4:21 awwww we dont need to see that lol

  8. shuddup

  9. Table tennis is actually my favorite game! The response to the movements
    and to the position of the controller is just awesome.

  10. They should make a version of gladiator fighting with blood and gore.

  11. no offence, but table tennis and gladiator duel are the two sports on that

  12. HARDCORE !

  13. due looks like frank west

  14. @ilorvygjm yeah but sony aren’t going to make alot of games for the move,
    just compatible so their is no real reason to buy move unless sony make
    games JUST for move. games like heavy rain are being redone for the move
    and I think its sony trying to make money of us. you have no real insentive
    to buy move unless you want some party games. in the next year or so the
    PS3 will have a lot of mini games in its libary just like the wii.
    devlopers will only see another gimick like the eyetoy + 6axis

  15. sobekflakmonkey

    @igobyjoey yeah, and thats the best part about this guys reviews, you know
    for a fact that he’s just joking around most of the time, and his voice
    makes it even better, cause he sounds so mono tone lol

  16. @Jarrlee11 Ah. I see the comment I made. I literally never recall writing,
    so I’m gonna be the man and apolagize.

  17. The Move is interesting but I really don’t want to own one. Well…looks
    like it’s dead now anyway.

  18. wait so you got to play all the sports from the starter disc? i only got to
    play table tennis and disc golf

  19. I want 2 controllers 🙁

  20. @SlamBolts Yes, you’re missing someones and the metal gear characters
    aren’t sony exclusive

  21. ThePatrickskelton

    I got this game yesterday it’s pretty good

  22. lol racial stereotype!!

  23. @rickthegunslinger I would prefer for Sony to change PS Home avatars to PS
    avatars or to make PS avatars and let us use them in games, this being an
    example and for Sony to use PS characters in their games, for example,
    ModNation Racers and LBP but not as paid DLC (-_-) as all PS characters are
    included in the game right out of the box.

  24. man that man can make anything looks good he even got me to buy riddick
    games when i saw the review his a review god

  25. Tried this. Hated it. Everything from the sterile visuals to the Move not
    working proplerly (after several restarts and calibrations). Game also
    takes itself far too seriously.

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