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Amazon Fire TV XBMC version that works!!

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  1. Hi just looking through your account and it looks like you know a bit about
    xbmc? I have installed xbmc on my amazon fire tv box and installed hub
    wizard, all the addons are there but when I search for a film nothing shows
    up on any addons? I’ve tried loads of different versions of Xbmx, including
    spmc, tvmc! Still doesn’t work :/ any ideas ? 

  2. trying mele F10 pro on xbmc on Fire tv. Home key doesnt work. I have to
    keep flipping the remote to hit the esc key to go back. Did you do any
    keymapping on xbmc to make it more usable?

  3. Can it still play amazon prime content? I currently run media portal as it
    has capabilities to integrate with my network tv tuner, but there does not
    seem to be a plugin for prime so I have to resort to launching and playing
    prime from a browser. I’m wanting to ditch the full blown PC because it
    does not seem to want to sleep properly when media portal is running,
    wasting lots of power, xbmc for firetv looks nice if it can still support
    amazon prime content. Also there is some kind of TV series plugin as well

  4. hey how can i install the live tv PVR Clients and sportsdevil? help please

  5. Which Movie addon were you using???

  6. XBMC 13.2 Gotham does all of this very smoothly. You don’t need to look
    for any variants. You’re running 13.0.

  7. Great video. I’m using XBMC/1channel on my laptop to TV via HDMI…so
    please explain why I need a Amazon Fire or any media boxes? Thank you

  8. Nobody uses XBMC with a hard drive, we use it for Ice films, 1Channel etc.
    So is it possible to install these addons ? Thanks!

  9. will i hope this work.. i have a ouya and its working great with kodi 13.2
    now i read that this will work with kodi 13.2 too i cant wait, stupid guy
    at best buy was like wanna for 50dollars right now you can get netflix,
    firetv, amazon tv , and some other progams to watch movies.. i was like for
    20 mins of my time i can watch whatever i want for free..

  10. Is the Mele Pro F10 only support XBMC? Can it support the origin Fire TV
    system ?

  11. hey, could you show the speed navigating add ons, ice films etc, and the
    speed it get the links to play etc… thc, nice collection of boxes! 

  12. Diego, in your opinion what is the best device to run XBMC on? is this fire
    TV on top of your list?

  13. What is the Remote name?

  14. Can you mirror the Samsung note 3 phone to the tv exactly what is on the
    phone? I want to play order and chaos online with no lag. …

  15. can you tell me a fast box so i can steam off my nas? 

  16. Israel Cisco Oliver, Jr.

    *XBMC Works ON Amazon Quad Core Fire TV ( XBMC Gotham 13* *Doesn’t
    Play Well)*

  17. Amazon Fire TV has Google Play yo install new apps?

  18. I see people install XBMC by running a computer command prompt. Can you not
    side load it on via my computer and use ES Explorer to install it, like you
    could with Kindle Fire? Thanks!

  19. Does it do live TV well. A review on that and I’m sold. Particularly

  20. Well done. My hacked ATV2 is kinda slow and 720 just seems so 5 years ago.
    Fire TV should keep XBMC alive.

  21. Can you please make a video showing on to side xbmc on the firetv, I am
    having problems installing it.Thanks

  22. Hi Diego. I was watching your video, you mentioned something about M.O.J.O
    works better than amazon fire tv. I have a m.o.j.o and installed the Gotham
    XBMC but it only works with 720p movies
    can you tell me which version of xbmc is better for m.o.j.o? and if you
    Mele F10-pro works well with m.o.j.o.
    Thank you!

  23. XBMC.. Amazon Fire TV XBMC version that works!!

  24. Wouldnt it be easier to just run the native plex application?

  25. Diego, thanks for this info! You mentioned a while back about testing Live
    TV with HD Homerun. Have you done this? What about PVR backends like

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