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Dying Light Walkthrough Gameplay Part 7 – Psycho – Campaign Mission 6 (PS4 Xbox One)

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  1. I hate the noise when you like a comment

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  3. I cringe so hard, when he’s climbing something and I know that there are
    zombies behind him!!!!!

  4. it would be nice to see more alien isolation

  5. Coming soon to theaters near you… “Zombies at the bus stop!” They’re just
    dying to get on that bus ride… TO HELL!

  6. so i guess Aliens is over? okay, unsubscribe!

  7. The slow climb ups/muscle ups make me cringe, amateur traceurs are faster
    than that.

  8. Ioan Xenocrates

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  9. I have a funny feeling that this game has been over hyped like The Evil
    Within and we are all going to be disappointed.

  10. theRadBrad, please listen to my advice. And everybody who will play this in
    the future. Think logically. Videostore. You started to search the upper
    floor. The minimap showed the arrow downwards. The mission was to get the
    movie “Charlie” as I remember. Inside the store the shelves was labelled
    alpabetically. You dont need to searc the whole store for 1 dvd. Just find
    the C shelf.
    Alarm system. it was on the wall behind the cashier desk. Big red light.
    Try to disable it, hit it, use it…IDK. The noise attract the zombies.
    “Instant kill” You pushed the hazmat zombie to the spiked trap. Thats why
    it died immediately. If you see a spiked trap, just kick or push the zombie
    onto it.

    Supply drop. Enemy mercenaries try to steal it. They are agile, avoid you
    hits. Only heavy swinged hits cannot avoided and special combos like
    fly-kick. If you are unlucky, they have long range weapons. Dont try to
    attack them with melee weapons.

  11. Nicki's extra channel

    hey brad when this demo runs out of gas play Dayz again plz xD

  12. samdajellybeenie

    Am I the only one that thinks that this is kind of a crap game? 

  13. Batra Bkhuu1007

    Brad why not go back to DayZ standalone if you dont have any games to play
    for the moment?

  14. SouthFacedWindows

    This is like Dead Island 2

  15. Have you seen Emmanuekkimfy2 on youtube, man he got some amazing content <3
    just thought I should share!

  16. Rad and I are going to be starting a new series soon with an AWESOME
    Upcoming YouTuber his YouTube name is Zblaww check him out!

  17. Akisame Koetsuji

    oh Really…. you have Dying Light 3 weeks early?? Am i allowed to track
    you down and kill you? I’ve never been so piss in my life!! Whose dick did
    you suck to have it early? huh??!!

  18. LOL did anyone see the zombies boob giggle? 7:05

  19. waiting for the alien isolation -_-


    Is that the whole map? or will the full game include more?

  21. Can’t get enough from this game, Brad!

  22. SerbianGamesBJ Bozovic


  23. Basically releasing the whole game and it’s not our yet xD 

  24. Dejuanique Taylor

    But wasn’t credits playing on the last part of this

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