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FULL NBA 2k15 PS3/360 Review (Last Gen VS Next Gen Comparisons)

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  1. the last gen version is like a fuck you to the people who dont have a next
    gen console, i have a powerful pc so i can play the next gen ver. but
    looking at your videos of the last gen version its almost disgusting that
    they would even release this lol like it would have been better if they
    just said “were not releasing this for last gen” than to release this

  2. I was so pissed when I played 2k15 on last gen for the first time. I was
    seriously about to cry because I got it for Christmas and was sooo excited
    but it was a complete rip off

  3. Nakamura Yoshuda

    Lmao the ps3 version looks like that mobile version they released xD

  4. I regret buying 2K15 for the 360 but I’ll be getting a ps4 for Christmas
    with next gen nba

  5. The_Chaotic_Killer316

    At least we learned something. Which is not to buy future sports game on
    last gen (at least if they plan on releasing for last gen as well). This
    was all just a big scam because not enough people have next gen for big

  6. How do u get next gen for nba2k15 ps3?

  7. I don’t know how it is for the ps4 but the ps3 version sucks so bad,
    especially with roster updates. These 2k idiots obviously don’t pay
    attention to the nba, because as of today these people still have certain
    players like chris bosh on the injured list which forces me to just use
    dwayne wade every game. they did a roster update on the 12/31/14 but all
    they did was add rondo onto dallas and bring back danny granger for the
    heat (and of course not bosh) and bosh has been playing for the past 2
    weeks so he’s clearly not injured anymore.

  8. man if i knew the cinematics were on nextgen only i would have never bought
    that shit until i got a ps4. fuck.

  9. You’re funny that’s all I look for in a commentator plus the commentating
    part lol. Keep up the great work!

  10. This should be 20 bucks

  11. Kensaki Daisuke

    Everything is good for last gen except for the fking price !! 70 bucks !!

  12. havent had any other 2k b4 2k15…. bought it for 50€….. and to be honest
    i just wish that i could get my 50€ cause i prefer playing no bball game at
    all then this garbage…. ive put about a good 50k+ vc in myplayer(nope
    didnt buy it got it via MyNba2k15 app and playing) and i still miss wide
    open j’s ive 90 dunk with posterizer and cant dunk yet or only dunk once
    every 5 games…. the ai defence is too good i can rarely get past them and
    my team always misses everything they do….
    moving on to myteam i lost 4 matches cause my enemy build up a 30point lead
    by shooting 3’s with bigmen allthough they had a hand in their faces….

    sooooooooo yea i erm…… definitly do NOT recommend getting this piece of

    ive raged mored while playing nba then in all other games i own together

  13. The game was on sale for 40$ and my brother and I went half and half on it,
    so I think it was worth it.

  14. Last game I played was NBA 2k12 as well and just got the 2k15 on next-gen.
    It’s stupid, not really that different. I got mild enjoyment for about a
    week, and then I vowed to not buy an NBA game for another 4 years. My Park
    is fun, but the servers suck and cut out all the time. My Park isn’t
    different from 2k14 really. Changes since from 2k12 to 2k15 Next-Gen: No
    more skill points, everything is vc including player salary, all saves are
    on 2k servers (this is the worst thing about next gen, everything is saved
    in server not on your hard drive or usb, it totally sucks that I can mod
    saves like i did on 2k12, also people are losing their my players and have
    to start over completely, and if you ever fuck up in my team there is no
    going back.), new shooting mechanic, more animations, less than
    entertaining story mode for my player, iso moves seem easier to execute,
    your skill doent matter if you have no attributes, HOF mode is now
    impossible to win in My Player, besides that its just the next gen
    improvement: smoother frame-rate, better graphics, and a higher resolution.
    Fuck this game anybody want to buy xbox one version off me for $45? 

  15. Fuck last gen it’s shit, they don’t patch they don’t provide support its a
    waste of money rather have put it towards a ps4, don’t buy so fucking shit,
    everything in myteam is broken

  16. 2k sports suck y they made next gen better then last they should make them
    the same or change the game and make it just like next gen and refund all
    the people’s money I was going to get it to but thank u for making this
    video or I would have been cheated out of my money 

  17. This is why you buy a sports games for every other game they release.
    Because not enough changes every year to pay 60$ for it. I probably will
    stick with 2k14 till I get a ps4 anyway. ps4 beats up xboxone.

  18. I remember news report in 1991 where Nintendo came out of the SNES and
    wanted people to upgrade. Lady on newscast hired therapist (around the same
    cost of SNES) to help her explain to her kids that consumerism is evil. I’m
    not trying to compare this game to the news report back 23 years ago, but
    it’s time to upgrade. I 

  19. yevgeniy khadzhi

    I got 2k15 for PS3 how come story mode is not like ones I see on YouTube
    where u go U drafted and angent talks to U and stuff but more like 2k14
    version like rookie showcase get drafted and after game interviews?? Can
    someone help me please 

  20. Shadow Does Gaming

    Sometimes you can’t just magically poof up a ps4 or xbox1 so you have to
    buy it and I actually enjoy it

  21. Nba live 14 is better

  22. This is crap I’m getting it for ps3 for Christmas and I was so hyped cause
    my bro in law got it for next gen and I seen how good it was I was hyped(i
    knew it was gonna be exactly the same) but now I see this its so bad I’m
    mean no auction house like WTF what about all the dupes on my team I’m
    shattered I thought 2k were gonna upgrade it at least a little bit but I’m
    clearly wrong

  23. It’s true Nba 2k15 is same than 2k14 but is better than 2k13

  24. Shits lookin like 2k13 bruh

  25. Thanks for the info on 2k15…you’ve helped me make my decision 

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