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CGRundertow FIRE EMBLEM: SHADOW DRAGON for Nintendo DS Video Game Review

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  1. travishuflin_10

    nice, but I think sacred stones is much better.

  2. I tried this game before. I would buy it if it didn’t cost so much used on

  3. There’s no way Merric survived after the video ended. You put him in range
    of two pegasi and an archer, and he didn’t have enough health left to
    withstand one hit.

  4. i bought the first fire emblem games for the gab off ebay…and guess what!?

    they don’t save 🙁 

  5. Advance wars is part of a franchise that the fire emblem series evolved

  6. whats a “spiritual remake”? ive heard of spritual successor, and a remake.

  7. BrianCraigSmith

    I like being able to buy items and weapons online. The game is pretty good

  8. Z3r0AnimeLover64

    Umm I know this is old already but I still want to ask is this game worth
    getting? I alreay have FE awakening for my 3ds but was thinking of getting
    this one. Thanks in advance

  9. Decent game at best. It stained the Fire Emblem name imo

  10. really? its like 35$ on ebay

  11. @TheCuster58 That’s Eric for you, not doing his research. It’s why I call
    him the “Irate Gamer (Chris Bores) of CGR”. They both don’t do their
    research and can sometimes blame the game for their own faults. Granted
    even good reviewers make mistakes (like AVGN), but Eric and Chris Bores
    take the freaking cake.

  12. as long as its English right? its not region locked

  13. @supremeprime1997 Eat me.

  14. 2/2 unreal tournament while some what modern, is nothing like a modern fps
    game today, take a look at battlefield 3, call of duty black ops 2, halo,
    kill zone, medal of honor, ect. than compare it to the latest unreal
    tournament, they are nothing alike. unreal is in its own category tbh its
    an fps but its not like any other fps games out there, tbh its kind of like
    counter strike, its an fps by definition but only hardcore fanatics play it

  15. @colonforsecs Fire Emblem came before Shining Force, you ASSHOLE!

  16. You’re* You fail. 🙂

  17. its been two months but.. my advice is no. well id start with advance wars.
    i only have sacred stones from fire emblem series but as in any other FE
    game you cant afford to make mistakes unless you dont care about not using
    your unit ever again. in advance wars you can afford that and still win.
    what im trying to say is that advance wars is much less frustrating since
    you dont have to restart the whole chapter again just cause this one unit

  18. not at all….

  19. halo changed the way arena shooters are played, if you have played unreal
    tournament than played halo, call of duty, battlefield, ect. right after
    you would know what im talking about, yes halo didnt change the fact that a
    fps is still a fps but halo changed the style of game play that has become
    popular with other titles thats what was revolutionary about the game, not
    the fact that halo is halo but the fact that halo doesnt play like
    doom(which is how unreal feels) or any other fps before it

  20. Still advance wars is better to me

  21. Unreal Tournament is the go-to Arena shooter, which is what games like Halo
    and Call of Duty are.

  22. Also he said it inspired final fantasy tactics. But really its obvious that
    influence was more from Ogre Battle or Tactics Ogre.

  23. jarrett albright

    Easily the worst fire emblem ever made

  24. zeldafanboy23ify

    You didnt use Jegan as the Decoy? Your using Wendell? You killed Minerva?
    you sir, fail.

  25. supremeprime1997

    @KiraismyLord Mohammed from Qatar is as much a member of CGR as anyone else.

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