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2014 Top 5 Slim Laptop (Slim Gaming Notebook)

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  1. Unum sed Leonem

    Quite impressive, I must admit. Almost all of them sport beautiful designs,
    to roughly match that of a MacBook Pro (Retina). The specs are vastly
    better, I believe. Prices are probably competitive and often better.
    But, one aspect where any Mac stands absolutely beyond comparison to all
    contenders, is the OS. No desktop OS compares even remotely to Mac OS X.

  2. The MSi notebook only has GTX 765?? Total crap, the GTX 850M GDDR5 is even
    more powerful & efficient than this.

  3. Lenovo y50. 16 gb ram nividia 860 m graphics. 4 gb dedicated video memory.
    Quad core i7 processor. under £1000. That’s what I’m getting

  4. How about the asus rog g550jk? 1.1 inch

  5. make a video top 10 pc cases 🙂 just a tip from me

  6. the lenovo y510p is slim (well for me) 

  7. I would love the razor blade if only it didn’t rely on ssd’s alone. You’re
    going to need more then it’s base 128gb ssd and if you do get more it’s so
    expensive; at least $2500 for one with 512 GB ssd.

  8. Msi gs 70 pro

  9. what program do you use?

  10. Amirun Zulkifli


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