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CGR Undertow – FAIRY FENCER F review for PlayStation 3

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  1. Mugen souls and Mugen souls z are the only games I seen so far which I
    don’t think they should count as a “series” or be characterized by any
    means but a game like “Hyperdimensional Neptunia” MK2, victory, re:birth1,
    re:birth2, PP, U…is!

    An note its by the same game developer “Compile Heart”.


    looks to anime and not anough jrpg. id take the last story or neir over
    this anyday. rich back stories and well written plots and all that good
    stuff that anime never had and never will with the same amount of style and
    creative desighn with better art which is easier to take seriously. 

  3. I remember playing a demo for this a long time ago. It was in Japanese, and
    I don’t speak or read Japanese. I think I liked it better when I didn’t
    know what was going on or anything about it and just saw it as another game
    in the same style as Neptunia.

  4. I bought this and ar nosurge and tears to tiara 2 hoping that they are good
    jrpgs that will be overlooked by most

  5. why are there so many jrpgs coming out only for ps3?

  6. El Pollo Loco 51

    I was waiting for a giant cat to appear!

  7. Choucho sings the ED! I will give this game a try.

  8. Spider's Gaming Arcadia

    This looks god awful lol.

  9. Still playing through this game. Though I kinda had I hopes for this game
    because it was different to the Neptunia games. While it is different but
    it’s like watching an anime that you keep watching expecting something
    awesome with it. While there were bits that I do like, overall it dose not
    live up to my expectations.

    ALSO, surprised this was not mentioned but playing this game at 1080p,
    frame rates is gawd awful! Set it to 720p and while it won’t fix the issue,
    it will make it less bad.

  10. The gameplay reminds me more of Mugen Souls than Neptunia
    I’m probably passing because I somewhat grew tired from CH games somewhat

  11. I’m getting this after Ar Nosurge. Ar nosurge is rather a good jrpg. You’re
    never too old for jrpg’s haha *cough*. 

  12. This should’ve been on Vita.

  13. More Compile Heart crap… yay… 

  14. It’s nice to finally get another turn-based RPG to play on the PS3.

  15. its so JRPG (for all the wrong reasons) it makes me wanna puke

  16. disgusting art direction, looks like some dumb dating sim more than proper

  17. Distracted Observer

    Between the PS3 & VITA why the fuck would you own a PS4
    It’s all western trash and not very good of it to begin with…

  18. You’re gonna do Ar Nosurge too?

  19. exodiathecoolone .

    KYUUUUBEEEYYYYY! at 1:29. RUN!!!!!!

  20. GT6SuzukaTimeTrials

    I…am too old for this game. Anyone over 30 play this?

  21. TJ is an idiot.

  22. Rpgs are becoming more and more complicated. I can’t follow this. 

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