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Amazon Fire TV Gaming Review

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  1. If you get one of these do you need cable? 

  2. Great review, I unboxed it recently and so far I’m very happy with it as a
    streaming device. The UI is very snappy! I agree with you on the gaming
    area, it needs more, great games to succeed. Only time will tell.

  3. Love this so much, ended up buying one for every room in the house. Love
    the voice command. Interface a bit different than AppleTV but you get used
    to it. Can’t go wrong with this item.

  4. I also liked the pause, rewind and fast forward functions on this unit because they are very responsive and you have a thumbnail displayed on screen of the scene as well as a timeline.

  5. Just buy the 20 dollar controller

  6. See how the New Amazon Fire does with gaming in our new video!

  7. It looks cool but I’ll wait for the Google box.

  8. Great video!

  9. ThundererOdinson

    Awesome review…I will pick it up today..

  10. Nice in-depth review.

  11. I might need one of these:)

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