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Xbox One – Setup & Dashboard Review

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  1. How did he get the friends list next to his current activity box in the
    home screen???

  2. I have both ps4 and xbox1 (im a forza fan) but I have to say that the ps4
    dash is quicker and a lot simpler, the Xbox has long loading times
    sometimes but heyho I aint complaining ps4 dont have forza :D

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  4. You know, for a while I’ve been going for ps4, (im getting A next gen
    console for Christmas) but now I’m thinking about Xbox one. Does the xbone
    have a loud brick woahhhhhhhhhhh sound like my 360 does?

  5. WTF!!!! when you said ” Xbox On” my Xbox turned on by itself 

  6. this dashboard is alot better than ps4

  7. Harrison DeRouen

    so that people dont spy on me im just gonna put tape on my camera 

  8. Great review mate im gunna subscribe just for that review good job bro 

  9. Thumbs up for awesome green lights around the TV

  10. My update took like 3minutes 

  11. U r ugly

  12. FORZA 5 is 1080p RYSE is 900p

  13. Its not safe to have an Xbox One under something for the fan blows out
    mainly on the top.

  14. Hunger games catching fire was realised on nov 22 2013 lol 

  15. Red Dead Redemption

    I LOVE X-box one

  16. Anyone know what tv he’s using?

  17. That so much faster than ps4 looking at your friends on ps4 take the piss. 

  18. wii u have better graphics haha

  19. kkkk

  20. MasterCheifLegiT

    This guy like a big baby watch kids movies wow XD


    “XBOX ONE 1080p GAMING”

  22. I have a question so if you currently have xbox live gold on the 360 it can
    be carried over to the xbox one right? 

  23. U didnt even use the coolest part, the voice control for the whole system.
    And go download Youtube ASAP

  24. Thanks for a really good and helpful video! (Subscribed)

  25. MrMattRockisfication

    How do you hook up tv? I have directtv..

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