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CGR Undertow – METAL GEAR SOLID V: GROUND ZEROES review for Xbox 360

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  1. I got it as a gift and the person who gave it to me got it for 13 dollars
    off Steam. I think that’s worth it, but not much more than that is.

  2. This will probably become a free download a few years after Phantom Pain’s
    release. I’ll just wait for that day to come and play Phantom Pain by
    itself when it is released. This really isn’t worth the money they are
    asking for by itself.

  3. Jill ''Sandwich'' Valentine

    It’s a prologue, not a demo, simple as that, this won’t be included with
    The Phantom Pain unless they do some complete edition of the game or
    something which I can see happening but the standard edition will just be
    The Phantom Pain.
    If you’re a die-hard Metal Gear Solid fan this game will be perfect, it was
    for me and I feel the full £30.00 I spent on this was worth it. I’ve had it
    since launch and I’m still going back to the game at least once a month or

  4. I chuckled when he said “Because I’m not a fucking pussy” while hiding
    under an empty tank.

  5. Nerd Cubed, Angry Joe, and ProJared said it best. This is a terrible
    practice. I’m a big MGS fan and even I’m disgusted with it. I won’t spend
    more than $15 for a 30 minute prologue. 

  6. Ground Zeroes was supposed to be for MGS5 what the Tanker chapter was for
    Charging this much money for it is ridiculous and everyone who bought it
    sends a terrible message to the industry, which is that people are willing
    to pay half the price of a regular videogame for just an eigth of a regular
    game’s content.
    I enjoy the MGS series a lot and even though I could easily spare 30 bucks
    I’m not buying it as a matter of principle.

  7. You know what DOESN’T take 30 minutes to beat?

    Tropical Freeze.

    Hint hint, Derek. Hint hint.

  8. You neglect to say that it’s on XBLA and PSN as a download for $20. Also,
    the extra missions and collectables bring the total play time to around 10
    hours. For $20-$30, that’s not a bad price.

  9. 04:30 you sure? I sow your sniper v2 and F.E.A.3 review… those pretty
    much denied your statement bro

  10. You didn’t even mention Peace Walker. This is basically a sequel and you’re
    missing out on the story.

  11. I certainly feel I got my moneys worth with this game, even at the £20 I
    paid for it. I think to a hardcore fan of the series, who will go through
    all the side missions and get all S ranks and collectibles etc, it’s
    definitely worth the price. I admit, it’s still bad. They’re taking
    advantage of the fans desire for more of what they love. To someone who
    isn’t crazy about MGS and will only play through the main mission and then
    put it down – just avoid it. You’ll feel ripped off. The pricing was bad.
    Should have been £15 tops and I don’t think anyone could complain at that.

    After all is said and done, though, Phantom Pain is going to be amazing.

  12. Traded this version in and got the PS4 version. As short as it was for me
    the gameplay was just too good for me too not keep in my collection. And
    Nope didnt get the PS4 version for the graphics. The graphics really arent
    that much of a drastic upgrade from it besides the 60fps which just makes
    things so much cooler cuz of how smooth it is

  13. Its 10 dollars on psn now. Not sure If the price dropped on xbox or not but
    if not then its cheaper on PlayStation.

  14. Doing everything in the game I got like 9 hours out of it. And I loved all
    of it. I’m hyped through the roof for Phatom Pain

  15. eandjproductions2

    Yeah because WHATS SIDE CONTENT? Guess the game is only 30 minutes. 

  16. When the price of this game becomes irrelevant and people are playing it on
    PC emulators, it will be seen as a pretty good game.

  17. I have the PS4 version and I bought it for $20 digital. It took me 59 mins
    to beat the main mission. I took my time and explored the place and rescued
    mostly all the prisoners except for one that was hidden. I then completed
    the side missions and replayed the main mission to find all the XOF badges.
    Then I played the secret mission. In total I’ve put about 6 or so hours
    into the game. I’m going to play it again the day before MGS5 comes out and
    play the Raiden mission that was made available to Playstation owners as
    well. All in all I am satisfied with my purchase. It leaves me hungry for
    The Phantom Pain. 

  18. When I get my Xbox One I plan on only renting this because of its length,
    but I’m definitely buying The Phantom Pain.

  19. It’s a $20 download as well. You guys left that little tidbit out.

    It’s not worth buying retail, but it IS worth buying digitally. With
    retail, you’re paying $20 + another $10 for the manufacturing costs of the

    The main mission is 2 hours if you do everything. However, the side
    missions are 15-45 minutes each, and while they take place in the same map
    – they are all wildly different. There are also 6-7 of them.

    I paid the full $20 for the game, even pre-ordered it digitally. I’ve since
    gotten at least 10 hours of play out of it. That seems worth it to me.

  20. Hideo Kojima is a prick!

  21. David Zuluaga Oyague

    I’m a huge Metal gear Solid fan, but I’ll wait for the edition of the full
    Metal Gear Solid V. The edition that they’ll obvoiuosly will made that
    comes with both the main game and the prelude.

  22. I just paied $10 for this, on sale of Xbox live right now. Decent, and only
    saying that cause I’m a major fan 

  23. I personally enjoyed Ground Zeroes, the length of the campaign is far too
    short but I got it for 20 Euro’s on Games on Demand and replayed the
    campaign several times even made a Lets Play series trying to get through
    the entire game in 1 life. So I feel I got my moneys worth ten fold more so
    than a lot of other games this year. Cant wait till Phantom Pain is
    released as GZ got me so hyped to play the full game :)

  24. I got it at RedBox last week for $2 and want my money back for this
    glorified demo.

  25. Digital!! Screw that!!
    Bless Konami for releasing this on a disc!

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