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Earthbound on the Wii U Virtual Console: Epic Boss Struggle! – IGN Plays

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  1. It’s pronounced as ONE-tt, not ON-ett.
    The towns are

  2. the frank boss is actually pretty easy if you have psi rockin

  3. sobirjon youlyahshiev

    What if they released mother 3 on wii u that’s all I need to say 

  4. i like how they lower the game music so they dont get content IDed by

  5. READ.

  6. +Brain Scoop This might be a little late lol, but there IS a mother 4
    coming out. Its fan made though

  7. I absolutely adore this game. 

  8. put mother 3 translated on VC

  9. +Whatan Ushbag I doubt that’s going to happen

  10. Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon has that same wackiness too .. it’s a pretty
    cool element when you look back at the games..

  11. Really want the snes cart of this game but not paying $200 for it :/ gotta
    stick to the vc i guess.

  12. The only way I will buy a Wii U is if they make a 3D/HD remake Wii U
    exclusive of Earthbound.

  13. Also apparently it’s rated T so in fact it isn’t a “kid’s game”. Plus I
    don’t know many “kids” that can jrpgs, nowadays at least, but I could be

  14. It would still be awesome on the 3DS. Imagine those trippy battle
    backgrounds in 3D @_@

  15. …..you’re right. too bad i didnt say anything about only loving new
    games. i just said everyone thinks nintendos so awesome for releasing this.
    thing is they only put it on the Wii u. it could easily work on the
    original wii virtual console, or even the 3DS. but they didnt release it
    there because they want to use it to push Wii U sales. its not about
    letting a new generation enjoy it. if that was the case it’d be on more
    platforms, not the the one with low sales….

  16. I enjoy your presence

  17. When the 3DS support SNES games, then yes.

  18. i beat all the mother games on my psp. no the game wouldnt be broken i am
    thinking you are referring to the infamous anti piracy in earthbound?
    Virtual console is emulation too you know. (i beat the game on my snes in
    the 90’s)

  19. nintendo fans just interpret everything nintendo does as “arent they
    great?!?! theyre so good to their fans” when in reality a lot of their
    choice arent nessesarily the buy consumer option. i agree, earthbounds
    awesome, and its cool theres a new way to play it. but its not the best for
    fans, its the best for nintendo

  20. I want mother 4 T_T

  21. Damn that’s gonna suck looking for the sword of kings again

  22. have you? cuz the game will be broken in an emulator.

  23. YOU mean OWN IT XD

  24. don’t let the MMMMMMMM guy take you down!

  25. Do you know how rare earthbound is and how much it costs?

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