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CGRundertow UNCHARTED: GOLDEN ABYSS for PlayStation Vita Video Game Review

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  1. I think this is one of the first games to make me like the gyro. It was so
    easy getting headshots this way. Just get close to the head with the stick
    and then slightly tilt the console and then BOOM headshot.

  2. cannot stand those characters, worse uncharted game i have played. if i
    were drake, i would of thrown that nag of a cliff.

  3. Still the best looking game on vita….

  4. As much as i like both GTA 4 and San Andreas. I NEVER mentioned GTA 4. i
    said that Sony should port GTA 5 onto the Vita. And why should they make
    San Andreas Stories? GTA 5 is going to take place in San Andreas but i
    doubt CJ is gonna be the main character. also both GTA 4 and SA have pros
    and cons. GTA 4’s pros are better aiming without the aim assist and blind
    firing, cons are lack of variety and small map. SA’s pros are huge variety
    cons very sensitive aiming.

  5. DEFINITELY! Evil Cole on the go! >=D

  6. Thats hard. Uncharted was awsome. But assassins creed is assassins creed.
    Both dont have multiplayer

  7. Happens.

  8. There’s no way they can port GTA 5 to the Vita 🙂 It’s Rockstars biggest
    game so far!

  9. @portalplayer I’d have to agree with you there, but that’s not what I
    meant. I meant the review itself was the best looking Vita review I’ve
    seen. It wasn’t all thumbs and shaky cam.

  10. @videoshirt dude if you have a ps vita and you have uncharted if your not a
    fanboy then you will see that uncharted is not good characters look ok but
    the background looks bad and i mean bad i played the demo and didnt like
    then i saw a video that said the demo looks like shit to the real one so i
    went and got it and it was the same thing i dont think people are just
    disappointed in not just this game but all the games that came out

  11. StupidWizardFilms

    @SkullForce4 Okay, Mr. Fanboy, name one beside this that isn’t a port of a
    console game. And I must ask you, umad?

  12. StupidWizardFilms

    @SkullForce4 Peace. But not with @majav15mg

  13. @SirJarred shut up

  14. StupidWizardFilms

    @majav15mg I like you. That’s why I’m going to kill you last.

  15. Jeffery Morehouse

    The only issue with this game, was the lack of a “Crushing” Difficulty mode.

  16. yeah alright sorry about being a dick part…had a really shit day.

  17. @SkullForce4 Hmm yes… and no. Depends on how you define “trolling” 🙂
    Because its my honest opinion that cover based shooters suck. And i really
    do hate the fact that there are many epic and awesome games that just use
    this system and become very boring and uninteresting because of it. DeusEx
    Human revolution for example…

  18. stefan kureljusic

    fuck that, we need god of war 😀

  19. afterlifeproducer

    Yeah, screw unlimited playability!

  20. its south america not south africa

  21. @SirJarred so are you

  22. Gta 5 would be impossible to port that to vita but maybe like vice city for
    the vita that uses gta v engine

  23. Love this game!

  24. Actually, he went to Borneo. That’s in Africa.

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