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CGRundertow RADIANT HISTORIA for Nintendo DS Video Game Review

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  1. Me likey so far. An interesting little game the way it plays, I think it
    looks pretty decent too.

  2. I love the combat in the game, but I could just not finish it with the
    awkward story line.

  3. Hmm maybe I should go back to this one…. I just got really bored as I
    managed to sink a few hours into it without much actually happening. :/
    Also the super long conversations got really boring for me. I got to
    Granorg (I think) and things seemed to be heating up so perhaps it’s worth
    a re visit.

  4. Dont pay more than $35 for this game brand new. Fuck those assholes selling
    it for $50.

  5. Awesome JRPG.

  6. That’s the definition of hipsterism. You don’t get to decide how much
    someone should enjoy something.

  7. I’m glad to see you guys review this one!

  8. underrated*

  9. I never said it wasn’t a shame that those who can’t play the game unless
    the pirate it. I’m just saying that buying a game used is better than
    pirating it.

  10. Temple Of The Azure Flame

    No. Stop it.

  11. It wasn’t developed by Atlus, it was developed by Headlock.

  12. Well, it’s not like he’s actively trying to spread his hatred to other
    people. I think it’s just perfectly fine to not force yourself to like
    something you don’t.

  13. ..and on what are you basing your conclusion?

  14. FFs 4-6 are awesome? More like 1-13, but not 11.

  15. This game was the only game I ever finished after I ‘unno.. a decade?

  16. Ah good old memories of radiant historia, one of the best ds games of all

  17. I see what you did there.

  18. Also, I like how you skipped over FFVII, you hipster.

  19. The music in this review sounds like something straight out of an ‘old’
    final fantasy title. Where’s my wallet…

  20. Nicholas Longacre

    Well damn, I was planning on buying this but now… Idunno. I mean, it does
    look pretty good and all, and the story I’m definitely interested in
    learning. But… the combat system doesn’t seem the best for me, I much
    prefer Chrono Trigger’s system. And it’s like $50, which I just don’t have
    the money for. Especially considering I bought CT for $20. If I ever find
    it for $30 or so I’ll give it a try, but until then I’m gonna stick to CT
    and the SNES FF games.

  21. developed by Atlus,published by atlus would be right 😉

  22. Temple Of The Azure Flame

    One of the most overrated games of our generation.

  23. The term “JRPG” was created by the gaming media and the consumers. they are
    called JRPG’s because of the style, not from where it hails. Have you ever
    heard of Magna Carta 2 for the 360? Its a JRPG created a Korean developer

  24. I don’t understand why this game always gets compared to Chrono Trigger,
    it’s nothing like it, even the time travel mechanics are completely
    different, both in terms of story and gameplay.

  25. fair enough

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