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Xbox One Review (2014)

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Xbox One with Kinect (Day One Edition)

  • The Day One console includes a commemorative controller, token code to unlock an exclusive Day One achievement, and premium packaging
  • Kinect is included with the Day One Edition. Completely reengineered to be more precise, responsive and intuitive with unparalleled voice, vision and motion technology
  • The console is driven by a powerful combination of CPU, GPU and 8GB of RAM, governed by an innovative OS architecture, to deliver power, speed and agility; Only Xbox One unleashes the vast and scalable power of the cloud for your games, entertainment and apps with Xbox Live
  • The product does not come with the converter.
  • PSUs are designed to be used only in the regions where they are sold; Don't try to use an Xbox One PSU that was built for a region that has different power requirements. ; Don't use the Xbox One external PSU outside the country where it was sold. If you use the PSU in a different country, it or your console may be damaged, and the warranty may be invalidated.
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Rocksmith 2014 Edition - Xbox One

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  1. Only reason why a gamer should buy a Xbox One is Halo and Gears of War and
    that is all. Xbox One is just isn’t worth it, every exclusive they tried it
    failed, Ryse, Titanfall and Sunset Overdrive.

    Microsoft, stop releasing half-assed games, and start to take time in
    making them. I want something that makes me wanna buy your console. I mean,
    look at Sony’s consoles. I’ve played Uncharted, I’ll know what I’ll expect
    from Uncharted 4, it’ll be a masterpiece, and plus on top of that, The Last
    of Us 2 (which will likely be released 2 years after UC4, and then God of
    War?. These are the type of games M$ needs. Stop targeting
    casual-teen-close minded gamers. 

  2. Real Legit List Of Exclusive Games For Both Consoles.
    Ps4 has variety
    All LunchBox One Exclusives
    Chaos Child
    Dance Central
    Crimson Dragon
    Fighters Within
    Forza 5
    Forza Horizon 2
    Killer Instincts
    Halo: Masterchief
    Sixty Second Shooter Prime
    (Sunset Overhyped Will Come To PC eventually)
    Azito X Tasunoko
    Blues and Bullets
    Judgment Of Rage
    Halo 5
    Fable Legends
    Steins Gate
    Global Mission 2
    Pneuma: Breath of Life
    PowerStar Golf
    Natsuki Chronicle
    Phantom Dust
    Psycho Pass
    Quantum Break
    Banjo Kazooie E3 2015 announcement
    Gears Of War (Maybe 2015-2016)
    Other Surprise games at E3 2015

    All Ps4 Exclusive
    The Order 1886
    inFAMOUS Second Son
    Persona 5
    Until Dawn
    Killzone Shadow Fall
    Hell Divers
    Dragon Quest Heroes
    Salt and Sanctuary
    Uncharted 4
    Inferno Climber
    Unfinished Swan
    Little Big Planet 3
    Invokers Tournament
    Mobile Suit Gundam
    Let It Die
    Samurai Warriors 4
    MLB 14
    MLB 15
    Hotshots Golf
    Fairy Fencer F
    The Tomorrow Children
    Gran Turismo 7
    Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture
    Shadow Of The Beast
    Natural Doctrine
    Deep Down
    Disgaea 5
    God Eater 2
    Infamous: First light
    Rachet & Clank
    Without Memory
    The Last Of Us Remastered
    Sony Bend Studio New Ps4 IP
    Sony London Studio New Ps4 IP
    Guerrilla Cambridge New Ps4 IP
    Sucker Punch New Ps4 IP
    Media Molecule New Ps4 IP
    Capcom New Ps4 IP
    Quantic Dream New Ps4 IP
    Guerrilla Games new IP code named Horizon
    Wait till they announce The Last Guardian
    Wait till they announce God Of War 4
    On December Huge Third Party Exclusive game announcement for the Ps4
    Other surprise games E3 2015

    None of these games will ever come to PC or LunchBox One unlike all XBONE
    games coming to PC, HaaaaHaaaa!

  3. SixYearOld Douch-e

    Sorry, Microsoft.
    You still make the bad decisions even getting the wrong exclusives for
    people that has been served an half baked potato. Let us see the quick
    list..sunset overdrive, looks like wet dream for hipsters to play. Tomb
    Raider, overated and not better than the last of us.(in fact never better
    than TLOU) The Master Cheif collection/Halo 5, Sorry I don’t play fucking
    action figures.

    Since this is beginning to make me shake and cringe, just so like with
    their crappy frame rate issues. If I was ever on This video, the review
    score Should be considered a…

  4. These fucking Sony ponies can’t accept facts. Xbox One is the SUPERIOR
    console. Sunset Overdrive was fuckin amazing, Halo the master chief
    collections was great too. Console is beautiful and online is amazing as
    usual. Controllers feel natural and responsive. Xbox One> Ps4

  5. All you Sony Ponys riders can ride harder. You always start the argument,
    so let a non-hardheaded Xbox fan start it. Just because yours runs 1080p
    and Xbox runs 720p doesn’t mean shit. You can’t even see the difference.
    And if you’re here to argue about how it’s so much better why are you not
    So if you’re content with sitting their arguing your whole life on how play
    station is better, be my guest. Tell me where you are in 20 years.

  6. I own a ps4 n 360 was thinking of buying xbox one next month but not 100%
    on wanting to upgrade heard game installs n updates take the piss.

  7. The xbox one is the 100% better console. It has the better exclusives,
    online service, multitasking, features, support, and controller. It’s time
    to admit ponies you bought the wrong console and you guys have no choice
    but to justify your purchase. ;)

  8. It kills me that I can’t get the XboxOne right now. I have a copy of far
    cry 4 for XboxOne, just sitting there, on the shelf, not doing anything. I
    want an XboxOne soooooo bad. 

  9. Lunchbox fanboys are so stupid.
    “Sales dont matter!!”
    but I bet if the Lunchbox sold more, you guys would be saying “HAHA XBOX
    Bunch of idiots

  10. IGN Journalism is just Flawless….
    No Game DVR? You do know you can say “Xbox Record That” or “Double Tap the
    Home button and then press X,” and you can Stream straight to Twitch,
    Upload straight to YouTube and Record with any HD Game DVR, example an

  11. PS4 is simple like the apple products, its made for babies anyone can use
    it. XBOX is way more advanced. While the little kids play their simple
    products gaming wise XBOX has far superior gamers than the PS4.
    Final score:
    PS4> XBOX
    XBOX Gamers> PS4 Gamers

  12. Ps4 =8.9 (15 million people bought it)

    Xb1= 7.8 ( 6.7 million people bought it)

    Enough Said

  13. I prefer the Xbox One to the PS4, as the controller can actually fit my
    hands, I can also watch Netflix which is very sexy, basically the same as
    the PS4 but with more features and it doesn’t look like an eraser. And come
    on this is 2014 verging to 2015, bigger is better these days, look at the
    amount of people with android phones.

  14. You forgot it can boil some eggs.

  15. Some things to say

    Microsoft has added features for kinect-less navigation, and there are
    still doing so but it works fine currently

    If you care about graphics only get a PC ( Actually get a pc anyway its
    better then both)

    Controller is more useful to use then kinect almost always unless opening a
    app or game.

    Over 300 new updates this year was failed to be mentioned

    Xbox video is fantastic and xbox music is awful (get spotify)

    You can see your Dvr recording…

    xbox one controller is the 360 controller with smaller joysticks and better
    triggers, better dpad, great pattery and bit more bulky

    if i had to rank all the systems currently it would go

    1. PC

    2. Weaker PC

    3. slightly Weaker PC

    4. Pc thats the same strength as ps4

    5. PC with same strength as xbox one

    6. Xbox one

    7. Ps4 and wii u tied (toss up realy)

  16. Halo is the only reason to have the Xbox One even tho the MCC is broken
    right now. I really hope the game is fixed by Christmas Day because thats
    when im getting my Xbox One with Halo.

  17. Xbox One deserves no more than a 6.5

    Too much bullshit with the console and the company Microsoft.

  18. Lol…why would Xbox people be watching Sony PS4 News? lol

  19. TheBadAssNcrRanger

    It seems like hardly anyone actually knows much about the xbox one. Except
    for some xbox one owners. But even then, when it comes to the media, they
    don’t seem to know everything about it (which is sad).

  20. IGN Xbox scores:

    Xbox One with Kinect: 8.1
    Xbox One without Kinect: 7.8

    Looks like Sony Ponies win again. Gonna have a good time reading these


  21. cahan mclaughlin

    The xbox one might not have a better console than the ps4, but it
    definitely has a better controller, interface and games but still nothing
    compared to pc 

  22. no poiny of uploading this a second time its a 8.1 so 8 and ps4 is also a 8

  23. Worst console 

  24. why does every PS guy always bring up 1080p lol? That’s all Sony fans say
    is 1080p this 60fps that as if that’s what gaming is about. Why dont you
    act like a gamer and worry about how fun the games are? If you are so
    worried about full HD why dont you play PC? Because xbone and ps4 have very
    similar hardware. Plus everyone keeps throwing around the word casual. Well
    most of ps4 exclusives are offline…..playing alone all the time sure
    seems casual……..

  25. Xbox still sucks

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