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$800 Extreme Gaming PC Build November 2014 [1080P] [Ultra] [60FPS]

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  1. ScatterVolt | PC Tech and Gaming!

    I’m gonna tell you this and you aren’t gonna like it, the 760k will
    certainly bottleneck a 290x. I feel for $800, a i5 4690k + r9 290 would be
    a much better option to go with for $800.
    I would of gone with at least a a78 chipset mobo btw, a55 chipsets have no
    Sata III ports, but I would morely go with a 88x chipset for the oc’ing

  2. I think it d be worth an extra 50 bucks to upgrade that cpu

  3. ScatterVolt | PC Tech and Gaming!

    You there? I gotta ask you something. 

  4. Why do we get sick at the same times :(

  5. I think the 970 would have been a bit better for this build the 290x is
    still pretty overpriced, the 290 is a great buy right now though. Also I
    was able to make a build with a sata 6/usb 3.0 motherboard, FX-6300 and a
    290 for $200 less than this one…

  6. Possibly going to create a tech and gaming channel like yours. What is your
    PC build and microphone? 

  7. Nice build, but please stop walking and shooting in cs go

  8. ScatterVolt | PC Tech and Gaming!

    Damn, this pc was configured in the year 214? You building this for the
    romans or something. 

  9. Jordyn Polderman

    Hey over the Christmas break/ over New Years, could you do a $1800 gaming
    pc? You can throw in deals if there any good. And I would like something
    like a 4790k and maybe dual 970??? If possible 16gb ram? You can do the
    rest… Sorry if I sound rude but thank you for all your help! 

  10. wont a 970 be a better choice around the same price
    just poking fun awesome video i love talking about builds, what do you use
    to blur out the background?

  11. this wouldnt run 1440p ultra with sold fps

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