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Amazon Fire TV: Top 5 Features! (Unboxing & Review)

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  1. Tech of Tomorrow

    The only thing right now that is not functioning right is the voice
    command, everything else works great,

  2. It’s better than mz PC in specs D:

  3. Great video, keep up the good work.

  4. Fools not using XBMC. FOOLS!

  5. Niceee

  6. 2:50

  7. like to see the unboxing and review 

  8. Well Elric … i just had the feeling having accidently switched to a home
    shopping channel on TV while watching this ‘review’ :/.

  9. alot of people were spamming the reviews of this product on amazon. “i have
    seen the ad, it sucks, bla bla bla….” I find it really great.

  10. Double the usable ram of the Wii U!

  11. Sony had voice search with the mic in the controller on on of their Google
    TV set top boxes…. First.

  12. What’s local file playback like? This might be a good replacement for my WD
    TV Live

  13. Bravo, the unboxing part of the video is very professional and to the
    point. Also props to using both SI and your local measurements.

  14. You didn’t unbox. You didn’t review. Fuck you elric! This channel

  15. arent you the dude from newegg? you not doing that anymore?

  16. 3:54 just went to amazon website. Amazon fire tv is in stock and ready

  17. Daniel Weinberger

    this things awesome and i would so get it, but i have higher prioirities
    with the money… .also im a little confused, do you have to still pay to
    use netflix and huluplus and stuff on it or does it come free on the thing?

  18. Garsallah mohamed

    Im slowly going to remove all other techs of my house and leaving only 2
    By the way, hoooo is the lucky one on the shark giveaway ?

  19. So this is Android based? I can’t wait for custom ROMs to come about.

  20. I want to see demo

  21. At the start of the video Buddy looks wayyyyy to mellow

  22. Show us some android games 😛 this thing could be awesome for emulators

  23. tell us if it has a browser and if it is possible to install apps like
    those on google play store.

  24. The roku android app has similar voice search. this looks cool though, same
    price as a roku with better specs

  25. Most powerful set top box IF you don’t count the Ouya.
    I would also like to know if you can stream videos off a NAS.

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