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  1. Verdict is OUT. I finally compared the PS4 with the Xbox One… Please
    check out my video. Any support is greatly appreciated. And HAPPY TURKEY

  2. All you xbox haters cant deny Phil Spencers a cool dude

  3. If they get an MMA app I’m getting an XB1

  4. Ps4’s too small 

  5. Please to a review for the tv in this video. Would really appreciate it
    because I am looking to buy this tv.

  6. Great review. Thanks a lot

  7. You’re awesome. Unbiased reviews, statin’ the facts.

  8. Great video I love the Xbox One and the PS4 by the Xbox one seems a little
    cooler now but ps4 is still awesome 

  9. Before i cant deside witch one to get. Now i think ia getting xbox one

  10. One of the best Xbox One reviews on the net. Thanks a lot man!

  11. Is this an overview review or a review overview?

  12. Xbox One ! I’m loving mine looking forward into TitanFall :)

  13. My friends xbox one voice commands don’t work most of the time and the snap
    thing is really annoying because it is in the way when u try to play the

  14. I saw the Xbox I’m not truly impressed and there’s no excuse or 720 P
    gameplay on the next-generation Console. Considering last generation was
    also at 7:20 P there should be 10 a p.m. on the Xbox no questions asked. I
    love my PlayStation four I really don’t trust micro shit– I said micro shit
    I don’t trust their services or quality control for that matter. Let alone
    the fact they really damaged the character rest of killer instinct six
    characters? Streetfighter to the world warrior had at least eight that’s
    ridiculous should’ve been at least a minimum of eight.

  15. Михаил Пукемо

    have MORE subscribers and I’ve already share your video’s and Chanel. I AM

  16. Best review about the xbox one on YouTube.

  17. Very good review. Pretty indepth and mentioning both Pros AND Cons without
    being biased. Amazing video quality too. 

  18. David van der Zande

    Jim, you make the best reviews on YouTube, really amazing! Keep up the good
    work :)

  19. Ok, the Skype camera following thing was cool. Otherwise meh. 

  20. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Let me know which system you guys are picking

  21. Nice review man I hope u get much more subscribers 

  22. I love the ending music so much! XD great beat and review bro

  23. saw this on Youtube. This reviewer actually goes through both the good and
    bad features. Unbiased. 

  24. The ps3 has that same YouTube app so I guess it’s only a matter of time 

  25. This is a great and thorough review. Xbox 1 would’ve been perfect if the
    xbox live gold was free and supports user upgradeable hard drive

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