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Final Fantasy 3 Review (Wii Virtual Console)

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  1. If you care about an accurate telling of Terra’s storyline at the opening
    of this game then read the points of clarification I have written below.

    1) Terra was captured by Kefka or his agents, not Vicks and Wedge. She was
    then fitted with a slave crown to rob her of her free will and to make her
    compliant. The idea was that due to her particular lineage she would be
    used to unlock the secrets of the Espers like the one found in the town of
    Narshe, the town in the opening of the game.

    2) When Terra enters Narshe with Vicks and Wedge she is officially an agent
    of the Empire.

    3) When they confront the frozen Esper, Tritoch, He musters what power he
    can to destroy them. However, when he turns his attention towards Terra he
    can sense her powers and realizes she has Esper blood. So instead of
    destroying her he attempts to destroy the Empire technology she is
    wielding. Which just so happens to be powered by the magical remains of
    dead Espers.

    4) The guards that Locke defends Terra from are actually part of the Narshe
    town guard. To them Terra is an Empire agent which is the reason they are
    after her. They themselves are not a part of the Empire. Like most
    villainous empires, the one in FF3 has a strangle-hold over most of the
    lands and their citizens, ruthlessly enforcing its will. Narshe is an
    exception, however. Whether its due to the valuable ore the town produces,
    it’s remote location, or a combination of the two, the town has not been
    subject to direct Empire occupation. Thus, Narshe is a somewhat safe place
    for resistance members such as Locke.

  2. Wow. I saw 3 of the top videos when I searched for this game for reviews
    and it wasn’t good at all. Mainly annoying, but your review was VERY good.
    I’m impressed you actually went the extra mile and told us about Mode 7.
    Thanks a bunch for this video. :)

  3. 14 characters, not 13. :)

  4. Very good review. Might download this later today.

  5. My ultimate favorite FF.

    The opera scene!!!


  6. ffvi is one of my faviourite ff games along with iv and ix and has the best
    scene with the opera scene with character with great back story.

  7. This, I wanna Play…

  8. @xShadowBlitzx true. they DID hid gogo preety well. if i hadent read the
    wiki i would never know how to get him. (still on the world of balance
    before apocolypes, thats ALL i know so far dont spoil anything if possible.
    i skipped the synopsis while vewing the page.)

  9. 10/10: I agree100%! I have this game for SNES and recently bought it for
    the virtual console (just in case my game save battery on the cartridge
    dies). I play this game once every year and love every second of it! I just
    have a question: is the sketch bug fixed on the VC version?

  10. Mann! I got it on the wii and it freezes.. I need help.. Why does it do
    that? Its BS! Need help

  11. LOL HAS HOMEBREW buys with wii points

  12. Did they Port the SNES or the GBA version?

  13. TrueGalvanization

    Meh, SNES ROM all the way. Why spend money when you can get it for free?

  14. actually we got FF4, not 2

  15. Nobody ever talks about the Conspiracy Theory elements in this game & how
    they relate to the real world. It’s there…I guess people just find it
    either absurd or boring….when clearly the game wouldn’t exist without
    them…cuz the Conspiracy Theories (involving philosophy, politic, &
    religion) existed LONG before the game ever did.

  16. Vegas slot player

    did he say there is 13 characters…nope there are 14

  17. @xShadowBlitzx LOVED me some Gogo.

  18. idk….perhaps you would like to support the game companies that make these
    fantastic titles? Not only that playing these on an actual TV is just
    better in my opinion.

  19. @theairman1997 Lol, i’m currently playing on my psp too, ps1 game
    converted. 🙂

  20. @immashikamaru I can expect a lot more from snes. Look at Chrono Trigger
    and how the towns are done differently there. Not only are they more spread
    out at some points, but the designs are colourful and interesting.That
    rainy town in FF6 is more like a dungeon than a town anyways.

  21. you should play 4,7,9, and 10, too

  22. The game was made in Japan. This was simply the 3rd game that actually made
    it to the U.S. in times of the original release. 2, 3, and 5 just weren’t
    released here until much later.

  23. Doctor Lermenator

    I saw it for $90 at Gorilla Games

  24. Final Fantasy 6 is the best!!! Over all of playing Final Fantasy
    5,6,12,13…. 6 is the best. Final Fantasy 6 almost made me cry. It’s all
    about hope! That part thing when Cid died and Celes thought that she is the
    only person in the world… It was a brilliant scene! Therefore the
    co-director of final fantasy 6 said that his favorite ff6 character was
    celes. That’s all it matters…. HOPE

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