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Classic Game Room – DARTH VADER SONY PSP 2001 review

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  1. Man, I have one of these. It’s the only “vintage” console I own and it’s in
    good shape, the battery seems almost as good as it could possibly be, and I
    have the separate component and composite hookups for tele. I hooked this
    thing up to my TV, hit Resident Evil 2, and was completely tripped out by
    the flashback PSX logo and everything after. It was like I was playing a
    PSX. The system seems to use way less power hooked up to a TV. Currently
    downloading RE Directors Cut and Tomb Raider. Seems like a great nostalgia
    device for classic Playstation that I’ve been craving, and aside from games
    which I’ll gladly pay for, I don’t even need to buy anything to indulge it.

  2. You don’t need to buy the overpriced official Sony memory card any sd card
    should work, assuming it’s the right size

  3. Mine PSP looks to be in better shape than yours actually but I don’t have
    the box, papers, anything but the PSP, adapter, and Television connectors.

  4. I have a psp 3000


    What jar jar special edition

  6. I have this one!

  7. I got this model on the Christmas of 2007.

  8. Videogameapprentice

    I Have that PSP

  9. I got this one for 40 dollars in eBay – brand new.

  10. my first psp was the god of war limited edition of psp 2000, and everybody
    was hating because they playing their stupid ds, but i think they just
    jealous.. this video bring me back so many memory yo… psp forever man!!!!

  11. still have mines 🙂

  12. Please get a vita Mark!! You have every other system, even the Wii U, but
    not the Vita. WHY??

  13. You’re right! … I could just imagine your scenario… *click* *Unzip*
    “Hey I recognize that song!!!” *sigh* *Fap*

  14. I have this psp and the god of war psp!

  15. mark your reviewing random things

  16. Agreed man. Still using my PSP 3004 very often because they’re still
    selling good games for it in my city electronic shops. BTW, Sony is still
    making PSP’s but not much as the PS Vita.

  17. If the psp memory stick is obnoxiously overpriced, what does that make the
    vita memory sticks?

  18. Planning on getting a Vita once price drops, but I think I might grab a PSP
    once they get a bit cheaper to play all them JRPGs. Still hate that I
    didn’t grab one of them $20-30 Gamecubes from Gamestop…

  19. NOOOOOO!!! just started playing my original psp 1000 that i got at ;launch
    over 8 years ago and the analog stick is fucked up. almost impossible to
    play gta lcs since my person goes all over the place. im lucky to go
    straight for more than 5 seconds. looks like im gonna upgrade to the 300
    and get it shipped by monday for 120 bucks.

  20. I have that psp! I got it for Christmas a while ago. I thought it was

  21. I have the same system. 🙂

  22. Dam its scratched

  23. I’m a big Mortal Kombat fan too! I’ve been really wanting Unchained but at
    a good price..LOL.

  24. Dang it, I just don’t commute to work to have time with this cool stuff….

  25. I had the daxter silver psp bundle, that was my first psp ever I a silver
    ps vita now imported from japan 😀

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