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Back to School 2014 Laptop Buyer’s Guide

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  1. Macbook for college has been a lifesaver for me. Syncs perfectly with my
    iPhone automatically via iCloud and the battery lasts forever. 

  2. Do people really consider buying gaming laptops? They are never worth it.

  3. Real King of the laptop world (Not for the price though)
    Alienware 18
    RAM- 32GB Dual Channel DDR3L at 1600MHz
    GPU- Dual NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 880M graphics with 16GB total (2x 8GB) GDDR5
    Storage- 1TB SSD Quad Play RAID 0 (4x256GB SSD SATA 6Gb/s)
    Wireless- 802.11ac Dual Band 2×2 AC WiFi + Bluetooth 4.0
    CPU- Intel® Core™ i7-4940MX processor (Quad Core, 8MB Cache, OC up to
    4.4GHz w/ Turbo Boost)
    LCD 18.4″ WLED FHD (1920 X 1080)


  4. Joker Productions

    I can sum this up really fast. Don’t buy a laptop. Guide over.

  5. I have a gaming desktop and i love it, but i would love more a gaming
    laptop not to treat it as a “oh, i can play battlefield 4 on this roadtrip
    in the back seat!” noh, just to treat it as a “i have everything in this
    little thingy and i don0t have to carry my huge pc on it’s box, my monitor
    in an other and my keyboard in my backpack along with my mouse and other
    shit” it is really not practic at all, but they cost huge loads of money.

  6. Really if you think about, (I did this), get a laptop, and then download
    your text books for uhhh free cough cough. At the end of the day you
    pretty much pay off your laptop or tablet with your school textbooks. Just
    saying guys.

  7. why didn’t they show any macbooks 

  8. Who do you think we are? Fucking billionaires or something?

  9. Leonardo Prozczinski

    Yeah, I’ll stay with my Retina Macbook Pro. 

  10. You forgot the lenovo Y50

  11. There are also laptops with dedicated gpu’s that only cost around 600-700
    euros and they really are able to handle games like BF4, maybe not at high
    and 1080p BUT you can play them, this is enough for traveling or school, no
    one buys a laptop prior to a desktop for gaming .. If you’re willing to do
    a complete guide, also include those. Not everyone – I assume at least 80%
    of the people – is willing to pay a thousand euros or roughly 1300 dollars
    for a laptop. I know you are trying to sell the laptops to us, but that’s
    just not how good advertisement works…

  12. Stephan Bijzitter

    This is not a guide.

  13. Well I have a 15 inch MacBook Pro with GeForce 750m and it’s really good.
    Got it on Black Friday for $2400

  14. wow, busy guy. Congratulations, yesterday got married, go to work today.

  15. i got the gigabyte p35w v2 – its perfect. no throtteling, temps in idle are
    fine (you dont her the fan), its slim, its light, it runs for 5h+ with wifi
    on, 60% brightness and in balanced power mode – perfect for university and

    i had the msi gs60 before – it sucked, it was loud, throtteling sucked,
    battery runtime wasnt as good. so i send it back.

  16. I wouldn’t recommend Razer Blade for a laptop for gaming and school use at
    the same time (I’m not saying that the Blade can’t handle the work), but I
    agree with the ASUS laptop but it should have been reviewed with an MSI or
    an Lenovo (Y50) laptop instead.

  17. What about any of the microsoft surfaces

  18. I have lenovo flex !!

  19. I currently have a lenovo y510p (the gt 755m sli model with the i7 4700mq
    and 1tb hdd 24gb ssd) i the really like it,and it only costed me around 999
    euro’s perfect for some gaming and other stuff,the laptop is quite heavy
    and big,but for the price i got it for you won’t hear me complaining :)

  20. stop b rolling with aperture wide open!!!!! use f8 or above 

  21. cried when he said the razer blade was over 3000….. hey dose any one want
    to give me $2999.95 pls

  22. What about the Surface 3

  23. I’d like to mention my MSI CX 61 has been a great for me for about a year
    Got it on sale at Overclockers UK for £650.
    It’s got a 15.6 1080p screen. a GT 740M 2GB (meh, I wasn’t looking to
    replace my Desktop PC anyway but it plays pretty much everything as long as
    you change some settings for more demanding games)
    8GB RAM and a 1TB 7200RPM HDD and a Blu Ray Player !

    The only shame is that I have Windows 8.1 with it. I thought about
    replacing the Blu Ray player slot with a HDD Caddy so I could add like a
    2.5′ 64GB SSD and install Windows 7 on it but I’m not sure it’s really

  24. Can anyone help me find a good laptop with what I’m looking for for under
    $1,000? Preferably around $750. (the ones shown are much too pricey)

    I’m mainly looking for a laptop that is updated, fast, and a rather large
    screen would be nice. It’s main purpose would be for gaming, but just for
    stuff like Minecraft and WoW (and maybe an occasional steam game), so I
    don’t exactly need the finest of it’s kind. Just something fast and updated
    for casual gaming.

    My current laptop is incredibly old and slow, so I’m definitely in need of
    a new one! I don’t exactly care for a touch screen, but I’d be fine with
    it. I have a lot of different laptops in mind, but I’d like to hear some
    recommendations from people directly.

    Thank you!

  25. What’s the best gaming laptop? What’s an ultrabook? Keys answers these and
    more to help you buy a laptop.

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