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CGR Undertow – BOUND BY FLAME review for PlayStation 3

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  1. I’ll save my money for The Witcher 3

  2. this a middle market tittle you fucking twat. do some research before you
    start recording.

  3. 2:10 What does “melfs” mean?

  4. Not hating, but this guys tries WAY too hard to be funny.

    But, I do agree with him that this game was pretty bad. It reminded me of
    Dragon Age: Origins, with combat similar to The Witcher’s. That sounded
    awesome, and that’s the reason I got it(That, and the fact it kept being
    compared with Dark Souls). But all I ended-up getting was regrets. =/

    *Story*: It was okay and kept me actually playing. If it ended up with a
    story similar to Gothic 4, I would probably have ended up rage-quitting.

    *Characters*: Another aspect that I liked was the characters. Talking to
    people was actually the most enjoyable thing about this game for me. Each(
    except for the Healing chick. She was kind of bland) was pretty interesting
    and I got a lot of laughs out of interacting with them.

    *Combat*: It was okay. Seemed really similar to The Witcher’s combat. The
    crossbow was useless though.

    *Crafting*: It was okay, but why the hell couldn’t they give us some more
    opinions. You are given four things you can craft at the beginning of the
    game and that’s it. When I first started playing, I figured that you would
    be able to luck more traps and stuff as you went. Nope, one trap, two
    potions, and crossbow bolt. Would it have hurt to give us some more traps?

    *Bosses*: Easy, except the final one( Which seems to require the Rogue
    stance to actually beat him). Spoiler: I also don’t like the fact that you
    only get to fight one of the Ice Lords. What’s up with that crap?

    *Level Design*: Graphics don’t really matter to me. But level design in an
    RPG does. And the levels in this game were bland, uninteresting maze-like
    areas. The swamp( which takes up about half the game) was the worse. I
    couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

    *Side Quest*: They were fine, and actually had a decent variety. It did
    seem though, that it was easy to accidently fail quest. Which I did, a lot.

    Well, that’s my thoughts on the game. It was a real disappointment,
    especially when I kept hearing it compared with Dark Souls( One of my
    favorite games). Worse $40 I have spent in a long time. ='(

  5. Having played this on both PC and PS4 (why review the inferior PS3
    version?) I can honestly say it is a good, challenging rpg with typical low
    budget acting and all the limitations you would expect from a second tier
    title but many of the things it does it does very well. The upgrade
    options on the weapons are numerous, plenty of loot, good character
    customisation, differing fighting styles. I always find it unfair to
    compare to huge AAA blockbusters such as Dragon Age or Dark Souls with the
    budget attached but Bound by Flame is really quite good for those waiting
    for Witcher 3 and/or Dragon Age Inquisition and wanted something to tide
    them over. Sorry Derek, I fundamentally disagree with this review. I have
    played 2 versions and come across zero bugs and glitches which you mention.
    It may not be up there with the best but, right now on PS4, it is fine and
    a good title to keep us going until the AAA releases.

  6. My girlfriend is a milf, I think you would like her!

  7. Nice concept, poor execution.

    The godawful VA alone kills this game. The female lead is especially

  8. Where is the color!?

    This game is so drably brown that its practically one step away from being
    black & white. >:(

  9. “This is a bad game” … “It isn’t a bad game, it’s a silly one” …….

  10. Bound by Shit

  11. Movies Plus Games

    I prefer Flemeth from DA2.

  12. I’ve never hear of this game is it a demon/dark souls rip off?

  13. Derek let TJ review rpgs anyway another review named razorfist gave it a
    more fair review so if your really curious check it out.

  14. This game really let me down. A lot of glitches and bugs, story was boring,
    just not worth the money.

  15. i like the game but i havent gone back to it due to other games coming out
    that grabbed my attention. ill eventually finish it though.

  16. I own this for PS4 digitally, and I wish I didn’t lol

  17. Should of been reviewed for the ps4, that version looks alot better and has
    glitches ironed out, i dunno, this game still appeals to me. There looks
    like fun to be had.

  18. Got the game on pc, personally I think it’s brilliant. 

  19. “dick head!”

    Real edgy, developers. Marketing to that teen angst demographic.

  20. nice review

  21. that dark souls vibe

  22. i thought TJ would have reviewed this


  24. This is the worst game that I’ve played in years.

  25. TwentyFathomTw0t

    bound by lame

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