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Install XBMC on Amazon FireTV – How-to

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  1. Kent Michaels, i would suggest you copy the correct name of the xbmc file
    and you just paste it after adb install ( name of the xbmc ) press enter
    let me know what happend

  2. Do you know if its possible to download kodi 14.0 on to fire TV ?

  3. error: protocol fault (status read)
    error: more than one device and emulator

    What do I do?

  4. Is it possible to favourite the xbmc app or something so it can be readily
    accessed from the main menu, rather than having to navigate into the full
    list of installed apps?

  5. hi mr XC tech, may I have a question please? I have a dualcore newer 4.2.2
    android, can you help me how to install xbmc 2015 please, I try alot of
    time, but it doesn’t work, please help me out thanks ./.

  6. Can I plug in an usb external hard drive and play my movies like that 

  7. FYI For the Command window, You can hold SHIFT and right click in the
    folder to get a menu option “Open Command Window Here”. It will then open a
    command prompt already in that folder. It is a lot quicker than typing
    everything or pasting it… Great Video by the way. 

  8. MrDownWithTheSouth

    I followed every step and I keep getting, cant find “xbmc-whatever mirror I

  9. I have the fix for mashup but I don’t see my C os on system on my fire tv.
    Could you tell me how to get it onto fire tv. Thanks.

  10. I havr followed your step by step instructions but for some reason when im
    on the command center and I get to desktop im not able to enter the adb
    file and continue. Im stock. Can you help?

  11. hi mate great vid dead easy to follow did it first time , problem one, xbmc
    crashes after about a month of use on this system, trying spmc see if that
    works better, could you do a video on how to back up then reinstall through
    side loading, i do a back up then when you click the restore on abdfire, it
    takes me too my back up file but instead of loading the whole thing it only
    allows you to sellect one item at a time, which is dumb cause theres 100s,
    am i not doing something right

  12. Clyant Fontenelle

    I have an Amazon fire TV and I’m streaming from my Mac computer to the
    Amazon fire TV and I’m running X BMC on that fire tv and I am using SMB to
    play the movie from my external hard drive that connected to my Mac
    computer The movies pop up but I can get it to playI I also tried using
    AFP and nothing pops up I also try using add videos browse and that doesn’t
    work either what can I do to fix that problem

  13. thank you for this video! I tried for hours getting it on my firetv using a
    sideloader and it wouldn’t work. with this video, i got it done in about 10

  14. A little tip. U can drag the folder you need into the command line instead
    of typing it. 

  15. are these links obsolete now?

  16. I brought the laters amazon fire tv stick will it work?

  17. thank you very much, it worked for me i follow the steps exactly just pause
    and play the video a couple of time

  18. Wonderful tutorial, super easy to understand and straight forward. I am
    going to try once i get my FireTv in hand. One question though,is there a
    build date or a unit i should not get ? I want to make sure i get the right
    unit. Thank you !!! :)

  19. You can also just type “cmd” into the address bar of the file explorer
    window and it will open a command prompt in that directory.

  20. Thanks for the video. Got everything installed and XBMC 13.2 was working
    great. But now when I play a video from my library is crashes after about
    10 min and goes to home screen of the fire. What can I do to fix this

  21. Hi. I have a question, hope you can help. I want to know if you have a
    tutorial or can help me on how to install tvalacarta add-on to my xbmc on
    firetv? I’ve been searching everywhere and i just don’t get it how. This
    video for installing xbmc helped me out A LOT and was hoping you could help
    with the add-on. Thanks in advance.

  22. well this is quad core 2gb of ram and 8gb flash and the gbox is less i

  23. Excellent tutorial. Thanks!

  24. your video was step by step with no missing directions like the other
    videos on youtube! Thank you very XC techs :-)

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