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Dead Rising 3 Review -Xbox One

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  1. AngryCentaurGaming

    Jeepers I can’t respond to you for some reason. Yes I think its worth it. A
    good deal of content with additional playable and worth the cost DLC.

  2. For me, the original Dead Rising is to the subsequent franchise what
    Reservoir Dogs is to Quentin Tarantino’s later films: at the time it was a
    revelation and I was willing to put up with certain annoyances and “quirks”
    so as to find out how it would resolve itself, but later entries were so
    much more immediately enjoyable and replayable because they focused on the
    “good stuff” and reigned-in the unnecessary padding without sacrificing

  3. This was a fantastic review. Possibly the most entertaining one I have ever
    seen. Also informative, which was a plus. And as one last thing I thought I
    should mention. is that I loved how you said wether it was fun or not.
    Because It really bugs be when game is technically proficient, and
    therefore gets a good review, but kinda sucks. So it was nice to hear that
    the game had many technical problems, but you did not just stop at that and
    leave a bad taste about that game and actually went on to mention that it
    was enjoyable. This comment turned out longer than expected. Sorry about

  4. Does this game have a “time limit” like the last one did?

  5. I didn’t agree with the majority of this game. I never had a problem in
    picking up the wrong items, I never had any game freezes and I never had
    any problems with weapon durability, the weapons last ages. The level up
    system is actually very good. The best thing about the game is its pure and
    simple great gameplay and replay value. People worry too much about
    graphics, textures and all that bollocks these days. It’s a fun game. 

  6. Oh, BTW: my comment below refers to DR2, DR2: Off the Record, Case Zero,
    and Case West. I haven’t played DR3, but I understand it takes a few
    liberties with any “hardcore appeal” the last-gen titles may have

  7. AngryCentaurGaming

    A couple GFX glitches here or there from my dying cap card. Sorry bout

  8. Garfield Arbuckle

    Are you going to re-review the PC port that comes out in a few days?

  9. JeppersFcreepers

    I have a deal to get this for 25 bucks, is it worth it?

  10. That Micheal Jackson lean at the start.

  11. hey AngryCentaurGaming, i just bought an xbox one, should i buy this first?
    or which one do you think is the best xbox one game out right now

  12. Do you think I should get the dead rising 3 Season pass

  13. So which exclusive should I get? I have ps4 so no need to mention multi
    plat. Getting madden bundle today in mail. Was thinking dead rising since
    ryse is so short. Forza looked good but not many tracks. Help me lol.

  14. I’ve never used the word awesome before to describe a youtube reviewer.
    But, you’re awesome.

  15. So which exclusive should I get? I have ps4 so no need to mention multi
    plat. Getting madden bundle today in mail. Was thinking dead rising since
    ryse is so short. Forza looked good but not many tracks. Help me lol.

  16. the PC port better be amazingly optimized when they bring it to steam

  17. How do your get the mode without a timer?

  18. Awesome review, man! This is the first review of yours that I watched.
    Just subscribed to you!

  19. “…by love I mean it’s fucking stupid.” I loved that! Subscribed!

  20. As of now, im pretty sure this is still the best next gen game across both
    platforms. There is just so much enjoyment to be had and its really good at
    letting you make your own fun.

  21. Great review, pretty much spot on. For what it does, the game is quite
    impressive. I especially appreciate that all zombies on screen at one time
    are individually generated so no one single zombie looks identical. I also
    appreciate the humor being up to the player to initiate, otherwise the game
    has a tension filled atmosphere and fairly well scripted narrative.

  22. Jonathan Pedroza

    I played this, and I still prefer playing DR2: Off the Record. The review
    was good, though.

  23. I’ve watched a couple of your reviews and I must say that they’re
    really entertaining and insightful, subbed :D

  24. FegeleintheLostTapes

    Couldn’t help but laugh when Nick was doing the Michael Jackson lean on top
    of the car.

  25. Solid review, Karak. I loved my time with DR3. The roller hawg was the
    highlight of death mechanics. I didn’t have any issues with the game
    crashing though. 

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